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sons and daughters of the possessors of our land would come to us and accept our 
ways, and that we would live together as one people sharing the land and sowing 

love and understanding for each other.",


"The truth about them is in the papers daily now. Weather changes, natural 
disasters, more earthquakes, hungry and homeless people moving around the world 

- all these things are hard to ignore. "The 1990s will be hard because the changes 

will be accelerating. Major changes will come to some areas suddenly and people 

will be without food, water or gas for their cars. Some changes in one place will 
affect other areas too. For instance, if major changes happen in southern California, 

a lot of people across the country will be without many fresh foods." I know it is a 

hard thing to realize, but the changes the Great Purification as many Native people 

call it are necessary. If the corrections which will result from them aren't made, 
then those people who don't have a sense of balance could succeed in destroying the 

Earth, probably contaminating it beyond any chance of recovery. I see the Earth 

changes as positive because they are necessary for the survival of the planet. If 

humanity is going to survive these changes, we will have to develop a much higher 
consciousness. Such a change will be very positive and good for all of creation. What 

people can do is prepare, reach out to each other and start to find a better balance 

in their lives. The Earth changes are here now and will continue for some time. It's 
not the end of the world for everyone or the planet. It's the beginning of a new age 

for those willing to change themselves. Those people who survive the changes, who 

live through them, will be those who have prepared for them on all levels of their 

lives. Black Dawn/Bright Day is a handbook for that preparation. It's time now. We 
Native people have waited. We were told to stay quiet and wait. Some of us asked, 

"Well, should we go out and tell the other folks what they are doing to the Earth?" 

Spirit said, "No. ,

Wait, wait." So we waited until we were told to go out and start teaching and 

sharing. Now that's what I am doing. It's very powerful to go out and share these 

things now because it's knowledge that's been here, just waiting to be shared. Often 

I am asked if the Earth changes can be prevented. I don't feel the Earth will be 
eased any by forgetting the past. As I've said, when I asked Spirit this question, I 

was told, "No, it is sealed, it has already happened." Source: Sun Bear & Wabun 

Wind: Black Dawn/Bright Day; 1990, Bear Tribe Publ., WA; "Many Smokes" Magazine, 

1979 ,


... ,
Also see (LIPAN) STALKING WOLF'S VISION in the introduction to this trilogy



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