Page 13 - Earth Mother Crying
P. 13

“I also foresee race riots in the big cities, with street gangs engaged in uncontrolled 
fighting against each other, using guns to get what they want. When there is no 

money to pay their salaries, the police will not be there to protect the people in the 

city. Instead, in one of my dreams, I saw the police banded together in groups 

calling themselves the ‘Brothers of the Gun.’ They were using their guns to take 
whatever they wanted. This is already happening in other parts of the world... ,

“I see the cities being hit by major epidemics caused by bad water, toxic chemicals, 

or other things... ,

“In my dreams, I’ve also seen wheat crops that had rusted. They had candy-like 

clumps of rust, a serious disease that was destroying the crops. There were great 

black birds, like crows or vultures, just waiting. With nothing left to eat, these birds 
were scavenging bodies as humans died... In my dreams I see diseases like this 

continuing to cause great destruction... ,

“In my dreams I’ve also seen small bands of people living very close to the Earth. I 
saw that other people would come to join them, and they would embrace these 

newcomers. All they said to them was, ‘You have survived.’ There were no more 

‘isms’ in the world – not Catholicism, not Communism, nothing. We were all just 

human beings living on the Earth in a sacred manner... ,

“I see about one-fourth of the world’s population surviving. All those who do 

survive will come through with a higher level of consciousness... ” ,

I saw people living together in groups sharing and helping each other, Indian and 

non-Indian alike. I saw the Earth Mother being healed as people began to show real 

love for the land. But first I saw whole cities become desolate because there was no 

way left for people to support themselves. I wondered at this when this nation 
seemed to be all-powerful. Then I saw the vision of the great drought years, a time 

when the Earth Mother would withhold all increase... ,

"I saw camps of people around natural water, such as rivers, creeks, and springs, 
working hard to produce their food, but thankful to be alive, for only here and there 

were small bands of people alive, and they were thankful to the Great Spirit that 

they were. When people came together they embraced with love, even those who 

were strangers before that moment, because they knew. ,

"There were only a few people surviving these changes. I've seen major destruction, 

and people fleeing great cities, and other people dying from pollution, and cities 

abandoned, and I wondered how, until these last few years when I see California 
and other places, which no longer have the water, electricity, or natural gases to 

care for their cities. ,

"Then I understood what I saw before. We were told that our people would lie as if 
dead in the dust, and then we would rise up on the land again. We were told that the

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