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“They were told that if these people came in a sacred manner and accepted the 

knowledge that was given them by the people of this continent, then it would be a 

beautiful thing. We would walk as brothers and sisters on the land. “ ,

“It soon became obvious that the Europeans didn’t respect the sacred teachings of 

the land. Our prophecies said that if this happened, there would come a time when 

we would lie in the dust for 100 years or more as if we were dead. Even our own 

people wouldn’t respect our teachings, and both Native and non-Native people 
would fail to understand them. Some Natives would turn from the teachings and be 

lured away saying, ‘This is a better teaching.’ ,

“Our prophecies also said that at the end of those 100 years, we would be walking 
on our hind legs again. We would be alive as if we were Earth spirits just reborn. 

We would stand up and have our power again. We would be able to call in the 

forces – the thunder and the lightning and the storms – and communicate with these 

powers all the time because this is part of our ancient knowledge. We would have 
these abilities again, and we would return to the sacred path. ,

“At that time, our sons and daughters would again come to us and ask to be taught 

the sacred ways. And the sons and daughters of the people who had come across the 
great Water would come to us too. They would say, ‘teach us, for we are about to 

destroy the Earth.’ This is the stage we are at right now... ,

“Another prophecy of my Native people speaks of a time when the Earth would hold 
back her increase: one area would be too wet; another too dry. One place would be 

too hot; another, too cold. This is what we are experiencing now... Another part of 

the prophecy states that the rivers will change their courses.” ,

Sun Bear also described one of his Dreams of Destruction: ,

“Over a period of time I have had many, many dreams that showed the coming of 

the Earth changes... One reason that I organized the Bear Tribe as a rural-base 
community was because I saw in my dreams major destruction coming to the cities. ,

“I saw a time when the cities wouldn’t exist in their present state. During the 

changes the most dangerous places will be near cities with nuclear and chemical 
plants. But all major cities will experience a breakdown in services. In my dreams, 

I’ve seen great garbage piles on the streets, the electric service out of order because 

of storms and earthquakes, broken water mains, and no more gasoline because of a 

major breakdown of the system. ,

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