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“Wings Flexing/Spiritual Unrest & Awakening -- Questioning masses, political 
church actions, government interventions, repression from certain religious sects, 

increased UFO sightings, interaction with other intelligences, acceptance of 

paranormal, acceptance of ongoing spirit afterlife, more religious sects going to 

court to force their personal restrictions on general public. ,

"The Wailing/Nuclear Incident --Several close meltdowns & leaks, seeping 

radioactive dump sites, two catastrophic meltdowns, radioactive pollution of land & 

rivers, several major accidents of nuclear missile trucks carriers and the 
transportation of nuclear waste, radioactive releases caused from geological 

instability. ,

“Talons Tensing/Civil Unrest -- People’s revolt and resistance movements, draft 
evasion, public’s discovery of cover-ups, nuclear exchange. ,

“Crouching/Massive Revolts & Government Turnaround -- Taxation refusals, war 

resistance, policy disagreements within government body, major upheavals within 
governments. ,

“Flying Free/Rise of the Age of Peace -- Total equality among people, 

discontinuance of all meat ingestion, construction reforms, cessation of most severe 
natural disasters, pollution-free energy innovations by way of the Earth’s magnetic 

field, rise of the Indian nation through widespread adaptation of its Ways of natural 

living and deep human philosophy.”Source: SPIRIT SONG, Summer Rain, Mary: 

Phoenix Rising; 1987/1993, Hampton Roads Co., Norfolk, VA ,




(d. 1993) was founder of the Bear tribe in Washington State. 

In his book Black Dawn/Bright Day (written with Wabun 
Wind), Sun Bear gave warning of Earth Changes. 

According to Sun Bear, old Ojibwa pictographs, written on 

birch bark scrolls, tell this prophecy:,

“(Our great ancestors) saw the coming of the Europeans to 

this continent. They saw the kinds of hats they would be 

wearing. They saw how they would look and the kind of 

canoes they would have. “ ,

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