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strong in body, in mind, in soul and purpose by that power 

in Christ. The power, then, is in the Christ. The pattern is in 
Jesus. - Reading 2533-7

This transformative power of the Christ Consciousness is awakened as 
individuals act in accord with the pattern set by the example of Jesus' 

life. In fact, this awakening is the essential purpose for which each soul 

enters into life.

From Cayce's perspective, Jesus is the Elder brother for all of 

humankind, deeply committed to assisting all souls in reawakening to 
the awareness of their oneness with God. This Jesus is not interested 

in religious conversion, denominationalism, or even mighty personal 
accomplishments. Instead, He is simply interested in how we treat one 

another. With this in mind, even in the midst of our diversity as a 

human family, we share a common spiritual heritage. We are all 
Children of the same God. We are all part of the one spiritual 

Source. And, we are all destined to return to our Creator, our 

Mother/Father, our God.

Unknown Life of Jesus - Cayce presented narratives of Jesus' 

previous incarnations, including a mysterious Atlantean figure 
called "Amilius" as well as the more familiar biblical figures of 

Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek, Joshua, Asaph, and Jeshua. Cayce 
describes Jesus as an Essene who traveled to India in his youth 

in order to study Eastern religions.

Reincarnation Past Lives

Edgar Cayce found that the concept of reincarnation was not 

incompatible with any religion, and actually merged perfectly with his 

own beliefs of what it meant to be a Christian. Eventually the subject of 
reincarnation was examined in extensive detail in over 1,900 Life 


Reincarnation is the belief that each of us goes through a series of 

lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development. 
Cayce's approach does not include the concept of transmigration, 

which states that it is possible for human beings to be born again as 

animals. From the standpoint of the Cayce material, souls only occupy 
human bodies through their spiritual growth and developmental 


In essence, the Cayce approach to reincarnation provides a 

philosophical setting to the past focusing on practical ways of dealing 

with this life: living, growing, and being of service to one another in the 

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