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One of the readings beautifully describes the spiritual nature of 

humankind in this way:

"For ye are a corpuscle in the body of God; thus a co-creator 

with Him, in what ye think, in what ye do." - Edgar Cayce 
reading #2794-3

The readings state that God desires to be expressed in the world 
through us. The example set by Jesus is apparently a "pattern" of 

wholeness for each and every soul.Regardless of an individual's 

religious or personal beliefs, this Christ pattern exists in potential upon 
the very fiber of their being. It is that part of each of us that is in perfect 

accord with the Creator and is simply waiting to find expression in our 

This Christ pattern was further described as "the awareness within 
each soul, imprinted in pattern on the mind and waiting to be 

awakened by the will, of the soul's oneness with God" (5749-14), 

and its manifestation is the eventual destiny of each and every soul. 
With this in mind, the readings present Jesus as our "Elder brother," a 

soul who came to show each one of us the way back to our spiritual 

Source by perfectly manifesting the laws of the Creator in the 

Just as an older sibling can sometimes provide insight and 
counsel into some of life's difficulties (because he or she went 

through them first) Jesus as Elder brother can assist us in facing 
life's challenges. What may surprise individuals is that this fact 

has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with spirituality and 

discovering our true relationship with God - a relationship we 
share with Jesus. The readings not only affirm that Jesus was the 

Son of God, but they also state the same thing about each and 

everyone of us. In other words: Jesus was like each one of us 
and, ultimately, each one of us is destined to be like Him.

Q. What is the main purpose of Jesus' incarnation?

EC: To glorify the Christ Consciousness in the Earth . in the 

lives of those with whom ye come in contact, and to live the 
same thyself. - Reading 2441-4

Q. What is the meaning and significance of the words Jesus and 


EC: Just as indicated. Jesus is the man, the activity, the 

mind, the relationships that He bore to others. Yea, He was 

mindful of friends, He was sociable. He was loving. He was 
kind. He was gentle. He grew faint, He grew weak and yet 

gained that strength that He has promised, in becoming the 

Christ, by fulfilling and overcoming the world! Ye are made

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