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Life Readings: 1,920 extant readings

In a life reading, Cayce describes the client's present physical, 
emotional and mental condition in terms of past life experience. Most 

inquirers were assigned past lives from about twelve main "periods" 

including Atlantis, ancient Egypt at the time of "Ra Ta", ancient Persia, 
Palestine at the time of Christ, and colonial America. A number of 

people were told of famous past lives. Cayce's son Hugh Lynn, for 

example, was told that he was the apostle Andrew.

Business Readings:
747 extant readings.Cayce occasionally gave business readings 

including advice on business partners, the stock market, business 

models, etc.

Dream Readings: 630 extant readings.

Edgar Cayce encouraged everyone to interpret and use his or her own 
dreams in day-to-day life. A dream reading involved Cayce interpreting 

the dreams of clients. As he did with readings on many subjects, Cayce 

would often interrupt the person reading the dream and give an 
interpretation before the dream had been completely read. He would 

sometimes fill in parts of dreams that the dreamer had supposedly 

forgotten. Unlike Jungian or Freudian dream interpretation, Cayce did 
not emphasize highly the importance of symbols. He said that every 

individual has his or her own unique symbols. Cayce claimed that in 
dreams people could receive valuable insight into their own lives and 

that the insight was always of use to the dreamer. Besides regular daily 

insight into one's life, he claimed people could communicate with loved 
ones dead or alive, remember past life experiences, see a possible 

future and experience many other psychic phenomena. He stated that 

these paranormal abilities were something anyone could learn.

Other Readings: 954 extant readings

Other Readings are miscellaneous subject matter that does not fit into 
an above category. The subject matter included missing persons, 

buried treasure, readings given to a spiritual development group, 

psychic abilities, auras, prophecy, structure of reality, geology and 
many other topics.

Cayce readings are usually referenced using a numeric tag in which the first 

number is a code representing the recipient (most of their identities remain 

secret), while the second counts which reading it is, in the case of a person 
who receives more than one. 5749-14 for example is the fourteenth reading 

given for person # 5749 (whose assigned number is essentially arbitrary).

Political Predictions - World Wars I and II

Cayce predicted the beginning and end of both the First and Second World 
Wars, and the lifting of the Depression in 1933. In the 1920s, he first warned 

of coming racial strife in the United States, and in 1939 he predicted the 

deaths of two presidents in office;

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