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gether by having an independent existence that only reveals itself 

on an individual, personal basis.

To penetrate the alien phenomenon, one must possess good 

intuition, sharp observation skills, be lexible in working with 

probabilities and provisional hypotheses instead of simplistic 

black and white dichotomies, have developed a good nose for 

detecting disinformation, be familiar with the available research 

to date, and as a bonus have adequate personal experience with 

the subject as well as empathic ability to psychically detect insin- 

cerity in others. If one or more of these assets is lacking, good use 

of the rest may compensate.

hese qualities are what I myself have had to call upon to 

evolve the alien scenario presented in this book. It currently its 

everything I have experienced, researched, observed, and intuited 

in life. What makes a good theory? hat it has not been disproved 

by the facts, is the simplest theory explaining known data without 

having to ignore counter-evidential data, reveals real order behind 

things previously thought to be unrelated, can be personally 

tested and veriied, meets continual conirmation from new data, 

and compared to alternatives it is the most probable and intui- 

tively resonant theory true to experience and observation.

For the past iteen years I have studied a broad range of 

books, magazines, lectures, documentaries, radio shows, news 

articles, websites, and research journals relevant to the alien pres- 

ence. hese were interpreted against the backdrop of my personal 

experiences, intuition, critical thinking, and the anecdotes of 

trusted others. From this I have pieced together a minimally 

complex hypothesis concerning whom the main alien players are, 

what the range of their capabilities appears to be, how they typi- 

cally operate, and what this indicates about their possible mo- 


However accurate or inaccurate my theory, the real situation is 

more complicated than what I am describing here. If nothing else, 

let what follows demonstrate the minimum level of complexity 

needed to approach the alien subject.

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