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dress themselves in our naive scientiic, cultural, religious, and 

spiritualistic assumptions to fortify their image.

Without knowledge of what positive aliens are truly like, peo- 

ple might accept the faux alternative. So my objective for this 

book is to survey the falsehoods propagated by the impostors and 

in later parts discuss the true nature of positive aliens. his should 

provide a good base of suggestions from which perceptive readers 

may formulate their own criteria of discernment.

Researching Transcendent Phenomena

It must be made absolutely clear that the alien phenomenon is 

nebulous by nature. Atempting to apply rigid scientiic standards 

of objectivity to the alien phenomenon is impractical and unreal- 

istic. Science has the luxury of dealing with a material reality that 

is universally veriiable, but the alien phenomenon is more com- 

plex and subtle than materiality. Not only does it involve intelli- 

gent beings who can choose how much of themselves to reveal 

and with whom they interact, but their interactions with us are 

governed by interdimensional dynamics that require dependence 

on the observer.

Unequivocal proof of aliens is personal and non-transferrable.* 

his tendency toward personal rather than objective proof does 

not mean that the alien phenomenon is subjective, as subjectivity 

would imply it has no independent existence and is just a product 

of the imagination. Nor is it objective, because objectivity would 

imply it has its own independent existence that is veriiable by 

anyone. Rather it transcends subjectivity and objectivity alto-

* he metaphysical, hyperdimensional, and intelligent nature of the alien presence 

makes the UFO phenomenon function like a macroscopic quantum phenomenon 

dependent on the observer. his leads to an uncertainty principle preventing universal 

certainty. So the more universal the proof of aliens, the less convincing the evidence, as 
with videotaped UFO sightings, which, despite being viewable by anyone, are too 

lacking in detail to be convincing. Conversely, the more convincing the evidence, the 

less universal the proof, as happens with abductees who have undeniable personal 

proof of their experiences but are unable to record and thus share their experiences.

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