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imitate benevolent ones, then anyone refusing to acknowledge 

this possibility invites deception. hose who deeply investigate 

the alien presence will inevitably conclude that such impostors 

are already here on earth waging psychological warfare upon us to 

disarm discernment and create within the population a growing 

desire for their imminent arrival and leadership.

If we enter into diplomatic relations with deceptive forces 

without recognizing them as such, we will be doomed to repeat 

history for the last time. Let us be reminded of how the Native 

Americans traded away valuable land for worthless trinkets and 

broken promises, or how even today Americans are trading their 

freedoms for tyranny in the name of security.* If it has happened 

before, what prevents it from happening again? Nothing except 

the awareness to choose diferently. To preempt this possibility, 

we must know our priorities and develop a keen understanding of 

the diferences between positive forces and negative impostors.

Asking how we can discern between the two will tug irmly at 

the lynchpin of the entire deception. Some might reject this by 

assuming all aliens must be positive, that such an exercise in pru- 

dence is nothing more than “xenophobic paranoia.” Well, maybe 

they are leting their biases interfere with their beter judgment. 

Unfortunately this atitude is common today considering the 

scope and inesse of the alien disinformation campaign. It has 

been so intricately tailored to human psychological blind spots 

and emotional weaknesses that all but the most discerning and 

intuitively astute are being misled. As the saying goes, the road to 

hell is paved with good intentions: regardless of how much one 

pursues peace, love, and progress, without necessary awareness of 

contingencies the results may be just the opposite.

It is my irm conviction that genuinely positive aliens do exist 

and are active in our world, but that their true nature does not 

conform to popular expectation. Rather, it is the impostors who

* See Allies of Humanity: Book Two (Summers, 2005) for greater elaboration on the 

parallels between natives and explorers of our own history and what we will soon face.

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