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In less than a decade, mankind will be confronted with unde- 

niable public disclosure of the alien presence.* he critical choices 

that follow will turn into tragic consequences if made in igno- 

rance, confusion, weakness, or desperation. herefore informed 

choices must be made to safeguard human freedom. his book is 

about acquiring discernment in handling future relations with 

alien forces by seeing and learning from their current methods of 

deception. We must consider the possibility of alien deception so 

that we can preempt it.

Distinguishing between peaceful and aggressive aliens is easy. 

A more diicult question is how to discern between positive ali- 

ens and negative ones pretending to be positive. his question is 

important because research suggests not all alien factions are sin- 

cere or have our best interests at heart. If hostile forces cunningly

* his estimate is based on several factors including: 1) the rate at which the public is 

being acclimated to the existence of aliens, 2) the speed at which climate, economic 
and political instabilities are heading toward conditions ripe for alien intervention, 3) 

what abductees and contactees have been told concerning the completion of the alien 

hybridization program and timing of alien contact with humanity at large, 4) the 

popular anticipation that 2012-2013 will be a time of great transformation, which 

would be a strategic entry point for aliens intending to play upon those expectations, 5) 
the potentially devastating efects of the next solar cycle set to peak 2010-2013, and 6) 

personal observations on the current readiness of individuals who will likely play roles 

in galactic diplomacy and how many more years it will take for them to reach full 

maturity for the task.


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