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1 Part I: Disclosure of alien life is imminent. Survey of primary 

alien types. Feasibility of comprehending alien motivations. 

What observation reveals of their abilities.

15 Part II: he all-pervasive but hidden nature of alien control. 

Energy harvesting and implants. Mind programming. 

Hyperdimensional manipulation. Inluencing mass 

consciousness to inluence the timeline.

25 Part III: he nature of disinformation. Discerning 

disinformation. Avenues of disinformation: channeler, remote 

viewer, insider, public oicial, academic, abductee, contactee, 

direct messages. Conspiracies may not require overt leadership.

43 Part IV: Deciphering the core elements of alien disinformation. 

horough analysis of speciic example. he hidden order behind 

contradictory scenarios.

83 Part V: Analysis of major alien types and what roles they would 

likely play in a worldwide deception scenario. Deception scenario 

possibilities. Trends foreshadowing what is to come. Why now? 

Preservation of hyperdimensional control.

105 Part VI: he meaning of positive spirituality. System of 

classiication for extraterrestrials and ambiterrestrials. 

Characteristics of positive humanoid aliens. Ambiterrestrial 

technology. Distinguishing between positive aliens and hostile 

impostors. Problematic probable futures. Solutions. Conclusion.

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