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dividuals awakening from sleep into a brief hypnopompic state, 

and those whose consciousness has been chemically detuned 

from physical reality through hallucinogens. Etheric beings and 

devices may also show up symbolically in dreams, although 

dreams alone are not a reliable indicator of what is happening in 

the etheric environment.

Because of their hidden nature, none of these phenomena are 

all that credible in the eyes of nuts-n-bolts researchers or those 

with mere casual interest in the subject of aliens. herefore this 

aspect of the alien presence, which is perhaps the most ubiqui- 

tous, is also the least perceivable and believable by the greater 

majority. his would beneit any covert agenda aiming to project 

a false front on the supericial perceptible level, while allocating 

all serious activities to hidden realms.

Alien abductions also have this duality. On the surface, abduc- 

tions are purposed toward using humans for scientiic study and 

experimentation, as biological assets for the production of 

human-alien hybrids, and for the training of abductees to cam- 

paign for disclosure, peace, environmental conservation, and 

other politically correct causes. While these elements do exist 

within the abduction phenomenon, other less noble purposes are 

also present but kept hidden.

Energy Harvesting and Implants

One of these hidden elements is the harvesting of lifeforce 

energy from abductees by traumatizing them with fear, terror, 

pain, sexual violation, humiliation, or despair. Negative emotions 

trigger a thick emission of subtle energy from the abductee that is 

then collected. Greys nearby the abductee can function as si- 

phons through which remotely interfaced Reptilians can slurp up 

the energy. here are numerous ways to accomplish this, one be- 

ing sham medical procedures whose real purpose is to disem- 

power and torment the abductee under the guise of necessary

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