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16 DAD

the quantum level. hink of it as the backstage to our reality, the 

area behind the curtain of our limited ive-sense perception.

In this invisible or etheric state, aliens can monitor targets 

without normally being noticed. By geting close to their targets, 

they can more efectively project strong thoughts into a person’s 

subconscious, giving him impulses, ideas, or inspirations that he 

will take as his own and act upon unless he questions their origins 

and rationality.

hey can reach into a person’s body and manipulate his or her 

chakras and etheric energy circuits to efect anything from en- 

hanced or diminished psychic abilities to emotional and mental 

imbalances and physical illnesses. Greys in an etheric state are 

known to atach themselves to a person like an invisible parasite, 

subtly inluencing the person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors 

even as he goes about his day.* Aliens who require lifeforce energy 

for sustenance can also lurk in proximity to highly emotional, 

sexually charged, or distressing human activities to harvest the 

energy released.

Targets may also receive etheric implants, etheric gadgetry 

atached to them externally, and etheric devices or observation 

booths installed into their homes for monitoring and inluencing 

purposes. his capability can be scaled up to allow alien bases to 

coexist on top of physical human military bases or airports, for 

example, dimensionally shited and thus overlapping, seemingly 

occupying the same three dimensional space.†

hese things occur beyond the perceptual reach of normal 

waking consciousness and the detectability of standard recording 

devices or scientiic instruments. Nevertheless, animals can per- 

ceive etheric activities, as can clairvoyants with second sight, in-

* See CE-VI (Baldwin, 1999) and he Love Bite (Lorgen, 1999, pp. 193-194).

† he late Adrian Dvir claimed aliens had installed a dimensionally overlapping 
medical clinic into his apartment. Contactee “fore” (member of the Open Minds 

Forum) was taught by his alien contact about “phasing technology” that could make 

objects invisible and pass through solid mater. he Cassiopaean Transcripts in session 

951104 discusses alien bases dimensionally overlapping human military bases.

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