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The All-Pervasive but Hidden Nature of Alien Control

Alien interactions are not solely conined to mysterious sight- 

ings at a distance, or abductions that only happen to a few rare 

individuals. It is not something that can be kept at an intellectual 

distance, where, if you have neither seen a UFO nor know your- 

self to be an abductee, aliens have no presence or inluence in 

your life. In truth, aliens have a seeming omnipresence enabled by 

their interdimensionality that extends their inluence not only 

into our homes, but also into our minds. No one is immune to 

this except humans of zero interest or those with special tactical 

awareness who have taken full countermeasures. Being useful or 

threatening to the agenda of even one alien faction will atract 

their atention, which leads to subsequent covert monitoring and 

inluencing. hey have no logistical limitations concerning whom 

or how many to target.

As mentioned, aliens can lurk nearby while invisible. In phys- 

ics terminology this happens when they have not yet fully rotated 

themselves into our dimension, their quantum wave functions 

have not fully collapsed into our reality, or their quantum phases 

are not fully locked into our own. In occult terminology, this 

happens when they manifest within the etheric plane without 

condensing fully into the physical. he etheric is a transitionary 

boundary layer between the physical and nonphysical, function- 

ing as an invisible substratum to the physical world but contain- 

ing energies, beings, and constructs that inluence the physical at


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