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herefore, alien motivations are not so foreign as to be a total 

mystery to our human minds. We can glimpse their mindset and 

intentions through suiciently broad and deep research, personal 

interaction, clairvoyance, or even tapping into residual knowledge 

from having been alien in other incarnations.

What fails is intellectualizing from common scientiic or relig- 

ious assumptions about what their motivations might be while 

rejecting data from less conventional sources. he alien deception 

relies on these naive assumptions to build an overly simplistic 

anthropomorphic mask of plausibility to hide their true inten- 


What Observational Data Reveals of Alien Capabilities

Understanding the alien agenda is not easy, but it’s also not 

impossible. It can be approached, even if only partially, through 

uncommon intuition, awareness, and discernment. he irst step 

is gaining a beter understanding of their true nature and abilities. 

Let’s examine what UFO and abduction research reveals so far.

Alien ships can seem bigger on the inside than the outside, 

accelerate quickly to extreme velocities, travel at supersonic 

speeds without causing sonic booms, make sharp turns without 

inertial side-efects, jump between locations as though teleport- 

ing, and become invisible. When they hover at low altitudes over 

cars and buildings an audible pulsating hum is typically heard. 

heir hovering mechanism appears to involve pulsed gravitational 

ields synthesized from separate waveforms to produce direc- 

tional thrust.*

All these indicate mastery over the fabric of spacetime. Alien 

technology can alter the local gravitational potential to change 

the time rate, nullify inertia, and compress space to change physi- 

cal scale. Invisibility and teleportation suggests they have access

* See Unconventional Flying Objects (Hill, 1995) for a scientiic investigation into UFO 

propulsion systems. hrough a process of elimination, the author concluded that 

pulsed gravitational ields were employed. If so, then directionality would be possible 

through a phased array of ield emiters.

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