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selves into our physical plane for extended periods of time than 

Reptilians, Mantids, and Greys. hey can and do walk among us 

in public without notice.

Nordics fall into three main categories. When seen working 

with Greys as docile assistants, they are likely servile clones or 

synthetic humanoids rather than actual sentient Nordics. When 

they function as controllers and supervisors to Greys, Mantids, 

and Reptilians, they are Nordics of a negative orientation. When 

they are fully sentient, individualistic, ethical, and supportive of 

freewill, they are Nordics of a positive orientation.

hus the Nordic physiology itself is no indication of orienta- 

tion or intention. his is further complicated by positive and 

negative types blending smoothly into each other near the middle 

of the spectrum. Qualitatively speaking, the more negative Nor- 

dics have a coldness behind their eyes, positive Nordics a warmth, 

and servile Nordics a certain vacuousness.

Alien Involvement in Human History

Whatever alien groups were responsible for genetically engi- 

neering humans and seeding them upon various worlds are likely 

no longer with us. Nevertheless, some alien types, including the 

ones mentioned above, have made their own modiications to the 

human gene pool in more recent times. hese modiications in- 

clude the genetic programming of humans with universal weak- 

nesses, biases, and shortcomings. Another modiication is the 

creation of bloodlines with speciic talents, predispositions, and 

destinies; speciically, bloodlines with penchants for political elit- 

ism, combative superiority, or psychic potency. None of the alien 

groups present today can rightly claim they created the human 

species, though falsely taking credit would help the ones advanc- 

ing a negative agenda.

Historical, mythological, religious, and archeological records 

indicate aliens interacted openly with humans in ancient times. 

here were diferent warring alien factions, each faction had their 

respective human followers who saw them as gods and got caught

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