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are commonly implicated in incidences of rape, torture, and muti- 

lation of humans by aliens.*

Reptilians are transdimensional and can physically manifest in 

our dimension for limited periods of time. Normally they stay 

back in their dimension in a more ethereal state and remotely 

operate Grey drones. When interfacing through a Grey, they can 

remotely feed of the emotional energy emited by a terriied ab- 

ductee nearby. his lifeforce energy is a source of nourishment 

and power for all interdimensional aliens of a negative orienta- 

tion, as it does for their ethereal bodies and technologies what 

physical fuel does for our physical bodies and technologies. Rep- 

tilians are seen less oten than Greys, but are known to be one of 

their superiors.


Mantids are man-sized preying mantises with triangular heads, 

large wraparound eyes, and long bent arms. hey are rarely seen 

except in the company of Reptilians or Greys aboard ships. heir 

consciousness is unemotional, calculating, but highly proicient 

in technical maters. hey likely work as technicians specializing 

in consciousness manipulation, timeline alteration, and dimen- 

sional engineering.


Nordics look like white Caucasian males and females. hey are 

usually fair-skinned with light-colored eyes and primarily blond 

hair, though some have darker hair. Compared to the average 

human, Nordics tend to have beter physiques, larger eyes, and 

greater stature. hey are also telepathic and have superhuman 

intelligence. Nordics are also interdimensional beings normally 

existing beyond the dimensional veil, the diference being that 

sentient Nordics are relatively more adept at projecting them-

* Such incidencees are documented in the works of Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, and 

Karla Turner among others.

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