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Aliens native to another dimension, who require interaction 

with humans without crossing the dimensional border them- 

selves, may use Greys as remote probes for psychically subduing, 

managing, and extracting human abductees from the physical 

plane. If Greys are grown from biological materials harvested 

from our world, their bodies would consist of materials already 

atuned to our dimension, which afords them easier operation 

within our physical environment. his would be the main reason 

Greys are so prevalent in abduction reports.

Another reason Greys are so commonly reported is that they 

are convenient front men for alien or human military factions 

wishing to keep their own involvement in the abduction phe- 

nomenon hidden for strategic purposes. hese include Reptilian, 

Mantid, and Nordic alien types. Less is known about them than 

the Greys because they are met less oten and are fewer in num- 

ber. hat does not mean they are less involved in the abduction 

phenomenon; they manage their abduction programs from be- 

hind the scenes and allow the Greys to continue with their given 

assignments without intervention by authorities unless de- 

manded by circumstance.


Reptilians are humanoid beings with alligator-like features 

including vertical pupils, scales, and sometimes tails. here are 

diferent factions and types of Reptilians, though they all share 

traits of being highly intelligent and good tactical strategists; 

some even have excellent human language skills. Only a small 

minorityareofrelativelybenevolentorientation,* whiletherest 

appear too heavily locked into their genetically programmed pre- 

disposition toward psychopathy, power, and control. he later

* As for the possiblity of benevolent Reptilians, this has been circumstantially 
suggested by he Lacerta Files, he Convoluted Universe Book Two (Cannon, 2005, pp. 

272-300), and television shows like V: he Miniseries and Stargate SG-1 where ith 

columinists worked within the ranks of negative aliens to subvert their control. If 

benevolent Reptilians exist, they would likely keep a very low proile.

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