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vessels from harvested biological materials. Greys work in groups, 

linked psychically into a hive mind, though each has some level of 


heir DNA is a modiication of the reptilian genome, opti- 

mized for maximum psychic and cybernetic qualities. Cybernetic 

means they are remotely controllable when necessary, function- 

ing as remote psychic probes, avatars, or portals through which 

the consciousness of their superiors may temporarily operate. So 

although by default they are programmed yet intelligent automa- 

tons with their own basic awareness, they are readily possessed or 

controlled by an external intelligence.

he Grey genome can infuse psychic and cybernetic elements 

into a fully sentient species through hybridization. his produces 

a new race that is psychically more potent but consciously more 

controllable. Tall Greys with a sentient demeanor and individual- 

ized consciousness are an extreme example of this, while Greys in 

their quintessential form are short worker drones; the former are 

oten seen leading or supervising the later. Any proportion of 

hybridization is possible with any number of species including 

humans and animals.

Greys are sometimes physical, other times seemingly ethereal. 

hey can vary between these states depending on how deeply 

they have been projected or dimensionally rotated into our di- 

mension. If deep enough to share the same level as us, they will be 

completely physical to our senses. If only partially, then they will 

be invisible to our eyes yet lurking around to observe and inlu- 

ence. When physically invisible, Greys can still be intuitively de- 

tected, seen and tracked by animals, and perceived during astral 

projections or the hypnopompic state of consciousness.

Some Greys are not physical beings but thought-forms, which 

are etheric constructs without physical bodies who lack the abil- 

ity to materialize in the physical. hey would be used more for 

human possession, inluencing, and monitoring purposes, 

whereas the tangible Greys are used for physical tasks like han- 

dling abductees.

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