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human "threat" ].

So this is not working and the races are dying. Now, what the Greys have done because they are 
having problems with this is that they have been abducting large groups of human children. This is why 
children are vanishing without a trace all over the world. Some of them are being taken by the Greys.

In Westchester County, New York, over 5,000 children have vanished without a trace over the last three 
years. The government knows what is going on but they are helpless to do anything about it. The reason 

they don't want to bring it up is because they let the bastards in here in the first place. They cut a deal. 
They sold us out, and I've got a lot of energy on it, because I have friends who want to know where their 
kids are.

This is just one scenario. Apparently we have been manipulated for 5,724 years now. We have been 

manipulated beyond belief. To make matters worse, we have had free energy technology that has been 
withheld from us. So, for the last 100 years we have totally trashed our environment.

The Rest of the Galactic Hierarchy.... and the Rest of the Story

We'll look at the positives. There are so many that want to help. For those of you who are "trekkies", you 

know the number one rule. You don't intervene with an evolving race unless you're asked.

That happens to be a reality. They will not directly intervene - at least they are not supposed to - unless 
they are specifically asked to. Those people who are contactees have a reincarnational lineage that 

leads back to many of these positive races, which is why it is not considered intervention.

The Andromedan Council

Now, in our galaxy there are many councils. I don't know everything about all those councils, but I do 

know about the Andromedan council, which is a group of beings from 139 different star systems that 
come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy. It is not a political body. What they have been 

recently discussing is the tyranny in our future, 357 years from now, because that affects everybody.

Apparently what they have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the 
significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future. They have traced it 

back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earth's moon and 
Mars. Those three places.

The very first meeting the Andromedan council had was to decide whether or not to directly intervene 

with what was going on here. According to Morenae, there were only 78 systems that met this first time. 
Of those 78, just short of half decided that they wanted nothing to do with us at all, regardless of the 

problems. I think it is really important that you know why they wanted nothing to do with us.

We are talking about star systems that are hundreds of millions of light years away from us. Even some 
who have never met us. They just knew the vibration of the planet reflected those on it. The reasons 

why they wanted nothing to do with us is that from their perspective, Earth humans don't respect 
themselves, each other or the planet. What possibly can be the value of Earth humans?

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