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Fig 1

As all this is happening, certain essences are starting to "gain weight" [See Fig 1] because the 
frequency shifting is "pulling everything up."

Those energies that are regressive are starting to "freak out". According to the Andromedans, every 

single one of us on planet Earth and 21 other star systems in our galaxy apparently consist of a group of 
beings, individual consciousness', that apparently evolved some trillions of years ago to the 11th 


An experiment was conceived where beings would drop down into the concept of time and experiment 
with our thoughts creating physical matter. They say that apparently a large group of us dropped down 

into 3rd density and found a specific race already there with a very specific genetic coding involving 22 
different extraterrestrial races.

All life on Earth was brought here by traders (Earth lies along a galactic trade route), explorers, miners, 

joy-riders - all different people. Originally, the Earth was in a different orbit, closer to Mars, and nothing 
but ice.

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1. The Draconians and the Paa Tal
26. The Future, Self-Responsibility and Self-Determinism 
2. Humans Have the Ability to Create Without Technology 27. The Andromedan Perspective on Human Biblical Matters 

3. The Hierarchy in Our Galaxy
28. The Andromedan Perspective: The Next Nine Years
4. Time Travel Permits Altering Consciousness of a Race 29. More on the In-Human UN Biodiversity Treaty

5. The Abduction of Humans
30. Free-Thinking Humans Appear to Be the Enemy
6. The Rest of the Galactic Hierarchy
31. Humans Shackled By Lack of Vision

7. The Andromedan Council
32. If We Are Eternal, Then What's All the Fear About?
8. The Negative Hierarchy: 932 to 3,700 Years Ahead
33. Belief Systems and the Creation of Physical Reality

9. Forbidden Planet: U.S. Military, Montauk and Altair
34. Earth Evolution in Progress
10. Earth Humans: The Race That Kills Itself
35. Planetary Oxygen Level Near Critical Level

11. To Believe or Not to Believe: That Is The Question
36. Earth Changes from the Andromedan Perspective

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