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They say that our universe, which consists of everything that we do and don't know about, is a 21 trillion 
year-old hologram. That's what they say.

They say that all the matter that is in our universe came out of black holes. Under every galaxy, they say 

there is a black hole from whence everything came. How they have described it is that there was a 
universe that was evolving (when they mean evolve, they mean that the frequency of that universe 

continues to evolve), and as the universe evolved, those energies that did not want to evolve or were 
holding themselves back because they were full of fear started to "gain weight," so to speak.

These energies, which include consciousness, formed "sacks", which got "heavier". As the universe 

raises in frequency (colour and sound), the pockets of resistance break and explode out . This scenario 
is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our universe, 21 trillion years after its creation.

Everything in our universe, including us, came from a black hole. The Andromedans say there is no age 

to us. We truly are infinite. You can take that any way you want. According to Vissaeus and Morenae, on 
March 23rd of 1994 a specific color and sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in 
the known universe. In terms of their science, which goes back along way, this is the first time this has 

ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression 
throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven creational densities.

This new holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic 
impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it.

What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say that by 
December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as 

everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and 
then to 5th density.

From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire race is 

telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, 
separate individuals but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as 

being light. They say that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their 
science. Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

Now, there are individual consciousness' which have appeared in this 12th density holographic 

consciousness. They apparently are like nothing that has ever been seen before. The Andromedans 
don't know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently 

these 12th dimensional beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see 
everything that is going on there. That is all I know about that.

Why is this happening?

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