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presenting the Andromedan perspective as to what is going on, who we are, and some material about 
our past history They have comments about all of our history.

I have been a contactee for 31 years. I has not been consistent for 31 years, but it has been consistent 
since 1985. The first contact was in the upper peninsula of Michigan in a place called Woodstock. In 

1964 I was on a family picnic. I went out to play with cousins, and I laid on the grass. The next thing I 
remember is that it was night time. They could not find me. I had missing time.

I did not remember anything until age 14. We went back to the area where I had been sleeping. My body 
print was there. My mom, dad and a Michigan State Trooper swore up and down that they had looked 
for me. I wasn't there. So, it was one of those dilemma's.

At age 14, I went to bed on a normal August night. I woke up and found myself on a platform. There 
were two men standing over me, a short one and a very tall one. They were both very handsome. On a 

soul-level, I had absolute recognition of who they were. The tall one, Morenae, had light blue skin. 
Vissaeus, the shorter one, was much older, and his skin was whitish, having lost most of the blue 

The Andromedans are a very very old race. Apparently, all of the human race comes from Lyrae. There 

is a lot of information about this. Billy Meier also talks about it. The human race did not originally exist in 
Lyrae - it came from some other galaxy but first began to evolve in our galaxy in the Lyran system. 

According to the Andromedans, there are over 135 billion human beings in the 8 galaxies closest to 

Now, there are also other races out there. Some of these races have had a lot of conflicts with the 

human race, and that conflict continues. But, there are things that are happening that will hopefully 
alleviate that problem. It comes down to philosophies, more than anything else.

The Andromedans are a telepathic race. Morenae, over the last ten years, has learned to use his vocal 

chords. The reason that the newsletter here is called Letters From Andromeda, is because the first 
words that Morenae said to me when I went on board one time were "another letter". He was trying to 

convey the idea of "meeting", and had been trying to search for the word.

The Andromedans care really deeply about what is going on, and a lot of it apparently has to do with 
who we are as souls, who we are genetically, and it also has to do with the future - a future in which we 

will probably be in other physical forms.

We're talking about the future between now and 357 years from now.

Our Universe is a Hologram:

To us, some may say "that doesn't matter, I won't be here." But as far 
as other extraterrestrial races are concerned, they will be here. Many 

of them live from an average of 1,000 to 1,500 years.

The Andromedans live to an average of 2,007 years. The "years" 
that I am going to be giving you as a measure of time are linear - it's 

the only way I can give it to you. They do not look at time the same 
way we do. Just keep that in mind.

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