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Flights Among the Stars: Spirit Journey's

Q: What happens to the individual spirit when it leaves the body? Where do we go?

AC: This is going to stretch your belief systems. I want you to look at the idea that when we cross over 

and we all "see the light" and "meet our loved ones", my understanding is that the physical location of 
that process would be where the Van Allen Belt is. We go there, and we are processed there. Part of the 

processing is looking back at our life to see where we withheld love, and then we come back to balance 
where we withheld love. If they had not messed with the religions, we would have learned this lesson a 

long time ago.
[Editor Note: If this is so, then what impact will the HAARP project have on this process? Other sources 

indicate that this is the last reincarnation life for all of us on this Earth]
Q: Could you explain further what the Andromedans said about our ability to project holographically with 

our minds?

AC: They said that all of our experiences are recorded holographically. When you look at me, for 

instance, your brain is not only recording what you see, but also my energy field, the thoughts in my 
energy field, and more. The mind is recording that all the time, and they say that we have the capability 

to tap into it. Moranae made reference to the fact that the whole universe is changing, because thought 
is changing. They are one and the same.

Q: Can the holographic camera you mentioned before just access this incarnation, or can it go further 


AC: It can go further back.

Q: Back to the state of our DNA prior to the removal of the 10 strands?

AC: Yes, and we have this information about that state recorded within our energy field. Everything we 

have ever been is recorded there. Read between the lines, please.

Q: What about the cancer problem?

AC: According to Moranae, part of the cancer problem is genetic. When our physical bodies were 
created, they put in certain genes to make the bodies grow faster. When they stripped us of the 10 

strands, some of the genes that should have taken out they left in. Something in us kicks this gene into 
gear and it starts to manifest. The vibration of love can cure that.
[Editor Note: Science today is trying to get the public to buy into the notion that cancer is entirely 

genetic, avoiding the problem of environmental toxins in the food and water that have been deliberately 
put there, and the litigation connected with it. All of it is an extension of the Neo-Darwinism characteristic 

of the genetic priesthood of scientism - science as a religion ]

Intention, Following Instinct and Effect of Frequency Shifting

Q: I am wondering, as we focus our attention on light and love, won't that connect with higher forces that 

are waiting to work with us?

AC: We are already connected. The thing that they are really looking for is our intention, and if you could 

stop before you slapped a dog or .....whatever decisions you make in your life, stop a moment and ask 
yourself "what is my intention behind this decision?" It is intent that created this mess.

We have to take responsibility. So many of us are making decisions based on an automatic response to 
past stimuli - we are not consciously aware of our intent, nor are we matching the intent with our gut

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