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We each have to individually ask, and it has to be at least 10% of the population. They said "by the time 
you finish your prayer, we will be here." They want to help, but we have free will. If they just come in 

without being asked, then they are violating our free will the same way the Greys and Draconians have. 
They will not do it. It is not the standard they live by.

Q: Do you have any idea how the Andromedans will extract aliens who refuse to leave?

AC: I have no idea, but if there are any in the earth, the only way I personally can see would be to enter 
in at the poles and force them out, which means it could get really weird here. Could you imagine 

reptilians running across the interstate highway?

Q: You said that the next ten years are going to be weird. Is this part of that weirdness, and what else is 
there that we could expect? You said that they lost Mars and the moon doesn't seem to be a good place 

to go.

AC: Right. The moon was just a jumping point to colonize Mars. Because of its lack of atmosphere, 

long-term habitation cannot exist on the moon - which is why they had to go to Mars. Well, they lost both 
of them, and the world leaders, and everybody who made all these deals with the aliens, now find 

themselves in a real problem - they have no where to hide.

They can't skip out of here. To counter that, they are now using the United Nations and the Global 
Biosphere program to create reserves, mostly in the United States. The reason? Over 78% of the fresh 

water in the world is in North America. If you control the water, you control the food and the people. If 
you control the people, you're a "king."

The Next Great Escape: The UN Global Biosphere Program

Now, in September of 1995, Bill Clinton gave 18 million acres of Yellowstone National Park to the 

United Nations Biosphere Program. It is no longer part of the United States. All you have to do is pick up 
the phone and call the ranger station there and ask them if it is a UN Global Biosphere Reserve, and 

listen to the response you get. It's no longer outs. Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Park have 
both been "nominated". He is just giving it all away. They are going to literally take the land right out 

from underneath us.

What is interesting is that in this plan, parts of these Biosphere Reserves will forbid any human use 
whatsoever. People will not be allowed in them at all. Around them they will have 150 mile buffer zones. 
As you look at Yellowstone, they are drawing up plans to remove all people within 50 miles of the park.

Supposedly, this is all to allow the animals to come back. If you look at 100 wolves, they need 
approximately 22 million acres of "roaming territory", which is equivalent to the states of Connecticut, 

Rhode Island and New Hampshire, added together. What are you going to do with all those people, just 
so 100 wolves can live there? This is already happening.

The leading proponent of this is the Nature Conservancy. What they are doing is that they are buying 
the land, holding it for a few years, then giving it to the U.S. Government, who in turn is giving it to the 

United Nations. What is wrong with this picture? The ultimate goal over the next five years is that the 
United States of America, as we know it, will cease to exist.

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