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Sacred Ground 

by Alex Collier


Transcript 1996

Although many elements contained within this December 1995 lecture are basically unverifiable, the 
synchronicity with the material presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, especially in his video 

presentations on the Light and Dark Brotherhood and his lecture at the Conclave of Michael Conference 
in Banff, Canada in 1994 make this material so highly interesting that it demands presentation in The 

Leading Edge.

Relate it to other material and decide yourself. Together with other material in existence, it appears to 
have a bearing on the immediate future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

(Legend: AC - Alex Collier ; Q - Audience questioner).


AC: Hello, I'm Alex Collier. In the last 31 years I have been given so much information, that I would ask 
you to write down your questions, otherwise it may not be brought up. There are some positive aspects 

to the information, and there is some information that is not very positive. There is absolutely nothing we 
cannot resolve, if we stick together.

What I mean by that is that we don't turn on each other. To have us turn on each other is definitely 

something that they are trying to get us to do - to divide us.

The problems in the world that we have on the government level are just a symptom of a much bigger 
problem. I believe it was Bill Cooper, much to his credit, who said several years ago - when you put the 

ET's in the middle of this thing, it absolutely makes sense. He's absolutely right. I am going to be

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