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we've had. The Andromedans say that there is biological life on 7 planets and 15 moons on our solar 
system, but human technology is not sufficiently advanced to detect it.

The Galileo probe that moved into the atmosphere was supposed to have been destroyed on entry, but 
NASA now says that it will be transmitting for several weeks from the surface. Surface? What surface? 

They have been telling us all along that there was no surface. The major function of the orbiting part of 
the Galileo mission is to keep an eye one of Jupiters moons.

Q: Many of us have wondered why we are here on the planet in the first place. Do you have any 
information on that?

AC: I have been told that some of us have been here a long time, evolving, learning not to withhold love. 

I have also been told that some of us have come back in time from the future to this time now, to "right a 
terrible wrong." That's all I know.

[ Editor Note: There is data in Robert Monroe's last book, Ultimate Journey, that also indicates that 
many of us have come from a period past 3000 AD to this point in history to learn what this kind of 

planetary situation is like, in order to be able to more adequately and appropriately function on the Earth 
as it is in the future ]

Q: What is your understanding of the human energy fields?

AC: It is my understanding that there are eight of them that compose a holographic imprint of all that we 

are individually, focused into one intent which is the physicality we are in right now. In other words, we 
are multidimensional, and it takes eight levels of intent to create me being here, talking to you at this 

Q: Several years back, I was told by a friend of mine in the CIA, that his brother, who had retired from 

NASA as the director of operations, told him that the 1990 meeting between George Bush and 
Gorbechev on a boat off the shores of Malta, was solely for the discussion of an object orbiting around 

Mars. The comment by this man was that both of them were scared to death. This would correlate with 
the 1989 takeover that you mention on your tape.

AC: I was told that we were given technology and allowed to colonize the moon and Mars. The best 

technology was taken to Mars, and some our strongest genetic human beings were taken there. After 
that happened, in 1989 the Draconians broke the deal, invaded Mars and destroyed the human colony 
there. I was told this happened in March of 1989. Along with that, our government was told by the 

Draconians to totally trash our environment, in order to bring the people to their knees. They were given 
a promise by the Greys that they would use their technology to clean the planet up once the government 

had extinguished self-rule on the planet.

According the Morenae, the Greys have no intention on keeping that promise. The bottom line is that 
We-The-People need to stand up and take over the leadership roles on our planet. I don't know how we 

will do it, but if we do it together, we will succeed. We have to put all the stupid things aside and look at 
out priorities. What are our priorities? The environment, each other, and our children. We have to do 

this. Somehow we have to do this.

Q: I would like to know if the Andromedans are going to help us, when they plan to do this and whether 

or not they will inform us, so we could unite in a more uniform effort to overcome the problems that we 

AC: They have actually made that decision by telling all of the extraterrestrial races to be out of here 

by August 12, 2003. Some of the crop circles have been done by the Andromedans as messages to 
some of the other races that they have to be out of there by that time. They have made a decision to 

intervene. If it is going to be any sooner, I am told that it requires at least 10% of the population to 
request it.

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