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of all the planets in the solar system, at 19.5 degrees North and South, there are monuments - on every 
single planet in our solar system.

The reason that they are there is that they cause a magnetic frequency that apparently causes or 

creates a sound which polarizes our solar system in direct opposition to who we are as spiritual beings. 
In other words, we vibrate at a specific frequency. As long as the solar system vibrates at this other 

frequency, we cannot leave the solar system on a soul level. I do not understand all of this, but I am 
sharing it with you.

Venus used to be a moon of Uranus, and Mercury used to be a moon of Saturn. What the big plan and 
design of all this is, I don't know. When I asked about the Earth, I was told that the Earth was an ice 

planet in a different orbit that it has now. When I asked who moved it, the response was "that's 
something the Pleiadians will have to answer." The Pleaidians aren't all bad, but they are not telling 

everything either.

They have been involved in our solar system for a long long time. I was told that the only reason that the 
Andromedan council is involved at all is because the Pleaidians went to them and requested it. Our solar 

system was involved in a war 117,000 years ago. Part of it was caused by the Pleaidians, who simply 
left. Some of them came back. Atlantis was an ET colony. The Pleaidians never took responsibility for 

what they did, and now they have to come back and try to fix it. The problem is, when they came back, 
their past hit them square in the face.

We are a reflection of who they used to be, and they have a heard time dealing with it. In order to fix the 

problem, they have to step back into the "warrior" mode, and they don't want to do that because it is so 
destructive. So, as a result, they had to get some help.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: Holographic Image Technology

They have a camera that they can take a picture and separate it out to get data all the way back to 

conception. Say I have a liver problem. They can go back and get the data relative to my healthy liver 
and project it holographically and heal the liver. This is holographic technology. It is literally me, 

healing myself.

We have the same capabilities using our minds. The key is to open it up to the idea that everything that 
we record in our mind is recorded holographically. Every single thought is recorded holographically. 

When you are trying to create something in your life, through your mediations, don't look at it the way 
you normally do.

Move around it, behind it, on top of it, beneath it. Train you mind and subconscious to see it for what it 

really is. They say we have this ability - they need technology to do this, but we don't, because we have 
the benefit of already having been on 11th density.

Life in the Cosmos: Bullets

As you can see, the earth is on the fringe of our galaxy. If it were more toward the center, we would not 

have had whatever opportunities we have had for self rule. We take for granted whatever freedoms

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