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is said to have been made around the 17th planet in this system.

Portions of the moons crust is radioactive. Apollo 15 discovered this. Especially near the Apennine 
mountains. Why were the readings so hot? The Andromedans have said it's because some nuclear 
waste was brought up there to be reused as a fuel supply for the spacecraft that the world government 

has built. However, many of the ships that use nuclear fuel are obsolete now. So, how was the moon 
brought here?

It was, I'm told by the Andromedans, put into the tail of an asteroid which brought it into our solar 
system. This same asteroid circles our part of the galaxy every 25,156 Earth years. Andromedans have 
said that our moon has been inhabited periodically in it's history for 1.8 million Earth years.

The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by ET's and later humans from Earth. 

There are seven openings into the Moon's crust, and the underground bases. Conservative scientists 
have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size.

The Andromedans say, it's because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular 

space crest; or " A War Carrier ", as the Andromedans describe it. An example of a shallow, but large 
crater would be the crater Gagarin. This crater is roughly 185 miles across, but is only 4.5 to 5 miles 

deep. Based on the impact and size across the craters welt on the surface, the depth should be 4 to 6 
times that deep. In fact, all the craters are the same; they are too shallow. They defy known science.

Many of the craters have been artificially created. The Andromedans have said that many of the craters 

on the far side were in fact domed cities at one time and that they were destroyed during a war that goes 
back 113,000 yrs. Many were used as domed cities and other larger craters were used as space craft 

hangers capable of capable of housing 200 craft.

The surface bases consisted of 9 domed cities which would be equal to a small city. Small lakes or 

ponds were scattered along the surface. The remains of these domed structures were discovered by 
NSA astronauts, Russian astronauts, and the NASA Apollo astronauts. The true military complex of the 

moon is now underground. Entrances to this alien and Human base is at both poles, the Taurus 
Mountains, Jules Verne crater on the far side and Archimedes. These are the original entrances.

The black government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complex. 

The expansion is for the operation of private scientific and military agendas for the World Order. 
Andromedans also state that it was a military outpost, until it was needed in our part of the galaxy to end 

a rebellion that was taking place. The personnel consisted of Reptilian, half-human/half-reptilian and 
those who would be known as humans.

Many of the original structures on the surface of the moon were destroyed during what the 

Andromedans refer to as the "Black League Conflict". This was a battle fought by humans of different 
systems that formed a secret alliance, and fought the tyranny of the Orion Empire. Continuous 
destruction occurred on one side of the moon as it was being transported here by space debris.

The side that suffered the heaviest destruction is the visible side we see. The destruction was caused by 
particle beam weapons when our Moon was located in the orbit of Maldek, now a destroyed planet. Our 

present Moon was one of two moons, that orbited it. The second moon, I'm told, is the moon Phobos. It 
also has ruins on it, as does Venus which was a moon of Uranus. Uranus is abundant with plant and 
mammal life.

The glass that is abundantly spread over the moons surface came from the Domed cities that were once 
on this war carrier. I would like at this point to explain how the moon is supposed to have gravity. Now 

this is Andromedan science and it flies in the face of our own science. But regardless, here is the 
Andromedan reasons for the moon having gravity.

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