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Blue Moon deals with technological development, and this is connected with what is going on in the 

Manzano mountains, especially those projects connected with the Department of Energy that are to be 
used on the moon. Under Blue Moon there is a group called Alpha One and Alpha Two.

I am not real clear about what Alpha One does, but my understanding is that it has to do with globally 

gathering materials and making sure that the population doesn't get spooked. Alpha Two deals with 
personnel. It was their job to make sure that the 35,000 people on the moon had the type of belief 

system they wanted, and the colonists on Mars also had the belief systems they wanted - even if they 
didn't want to go.

According to Morenae, Alpha Two is MJ-12. So, what we think is the top of the ladder, MJ-12, is actually 

the bottom of the ladder. That is what Morenae says. I have no way to verify this.

Our Moon's Forbidden History

We live in interesting times. We all share a common interest in our countries and our world. We show a 

temporary interest in space as new and unseen information and discoveries are shared, then that 
interest is incorporated into day to day survival. I would like to share with you information regarding the 

Moon and our Solar System. This information was shared with me by Andromedan Cosmonauts.

It is my hope that I can only add to the information and hidden revelations. As I have been reminded by 
my friends from Andromeda, we all have a piece of the puzzle. I offer this perspective as a piece of that 

puzzle. It is not my wish to detract or prove anyone incorrect. I myself have taken this information with 
the understanding that it is just a small part of a larger drama playing itself out in our backyard and on 

our home, Earth. This information was given over a period of contacts, both physical and telepathic. The 
following is the Andromedan perspective of our moon.

Our Moon has an atmosphere comparable in many places to that of Earth. In many of the large craters 
on the visible and the hidden side, the atmosphere is said to be denser than sea level on Earth. Our 

Moon has a small egress at its north pole, and the crust is thinly shelled in places. It is only twenty-one 
miles thick in some places, and thirty-five miles in others.

We've been told that our moon is dry. A million times dryer than the Gobi Desert. According to the 

Andromedans it all depends on where you are. They say the hidden side has many large underground 
lakes, huge in size. The irrigation and terra forming is occurring on the hidden side on the surface, but is 

occurring underground on the visible side to hide the agenda.

Apollo 15 discovered and took pictures of water vapor clouds that appeared from the hidden side. This 
would be most odd and unusual if the moon really didn't have much of an atmosphere, as we've been 

told. Because clouds would be impossible.

The age of the Moon soil is 6.2 billion years old, and has compound and chemicals not found on Earth. 
In fact, there are many chemical compounds that were discovered, but withheld from the public. There 
are many more we've yet to discover because our science is not advanced enough yet. The lunar soil 

did not come from the rock that makes up its mountains and craters. This is known to some lunar 
scientists. However, its not spoken about, but in whispers. So, where did the soil come from?

The Andromedans say the soil and many of the rocks come from Ursa Minor. The location is a solar 

system named in the Orion tongue "CHOWTA". This is a binary sun system. We have many similarities 
in our system as well. "CHOWTA" is a very large system, holding 21 planets and 47 moons. Our moon

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