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Things Change, But They Remain the Same

We still have basically the same situation. The ET's are still here. The names and faces change, but 
they still have the same mindset - control, control, control. Looking at the parallels with ancient times, 

today instead of pharaohs you have presidents, prime ministers and kings. In terms of priesthoods, 
today you have religions and bankers. Those of you who have done research will see the power that 

secret societies have because of money, and how virtually every country on the planet is bankrupt, and 
how small groups of men are controlling everything.

These men are apparently doing the bidding of the ET's, because the whole point of this coming down 

on this planet is to take self-rule and free will away from us. The idea is to make things so bad on the 
planet that the masses will beg to be "saved." According to the Andromedans, if you do not accept self- 

responsibility, and you allow somebody to come in and "save" you, you do not permanently evolve. I'm 
not here to buck anybody's belief system. I'm here to share with you what they've said.

Then, you've got the military. You've got nuclear weapons and technology far beyond anything we know. 

Mutually assured destruction. It's an interesting concept. Then, you have the masses. So, as you can 
see, nothing has really changed, except now we have ways to destroy ourselves. Before, the "gods" 

were more than happy to do that. They could change the orbit of the planet, cause pole shifts. The 
technology exists.

The Draconians can literally create a solar system. They can move planets and take moons and put 

them where ever they want. There are races that have this technology. The Andromedans have said 
that if the regressives, who have their first line of defense our moon, are not out of here by 2003, the 

Andromedans have every intention of putting a tractor beam on the moon and pulling it out of orbit, and 
dealing with it.

Andromedans say that there are 100 trillion galaxies in the universe.

The NSA: Black Monks, Alpha 1&2 and MJ-12

Our moon now is colonized. I am told by Morenae that there is a full time working population on the 
moon of 35,000 people, and that they are all Ari-ans by birth. I'll let you figure out the implications of that 

yourself. There are no blacks, Chinese, Hispanics, Korean, Japanese, Italians ... they are all Ari-ans by 
birth. In the UFO literature that is going out, we are told that there are a lot of different groups.

This the part that makes me nervous. According to Morenae, and this is the Andromedan perspective, 
inside that National Security Agency there is a group called The Black Monks. These are human beings, 
but they completely interact with all of the extraterrestrials. Morenae has said that these humans are so 

implanted with extraterrestrial belief systems that they are no longer considered to be Earth humans.

Underneath the Black Monks, there is what is called Blue Moon. Now, I understand that the name of this 

changes from time to time, but Blue Moon is primarily deals with the lunar bases. This group is 
composed of Americans, Russians, British and French. Now, above the NSA itself are bankers. All they 
had to do to create this stuff is the money.

Those of you who have researched the Federal Reserve know how easy it is to create the money.

Project Blue Moon

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