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from inside of me. Another time, I was talking with Morenae and he asked me, Alex, when you are 
having a relationship, where does the love come from?

When you are having a relationship with your family, where does that love come from? When you are 

having a relationship with the universe, where does that love come from? Well, the obvious answer is 
that it comes from me, which is what I said to him. He turned back to me and asked me, why do you 

then believe you have a shortage of love in your life?

Again, it all goes back to belief systems. If they are right, we created all of this to watch how our 
thoughts can create matter. So, in essence, everything is a belief system.

Space is the Place To Really See Your Face

The Andromedans call our universe consciousness. They say that consciousness is the space that you 

create in which to evolve. So in other words, to continue to evolve we had to create a space in which to 
do it. That is physicality.

There is a physicality on each and every dimension. Fifth density is not filled with "whispering clouds." 

There is a genuine physicality to it. It's a lot different than what we have created here, but nevertheless it 
is still a physicality.

History: More of a Circle Than a Spiral

I wanted to get back to this hierarchy for a minute, because I wanted to show you what was in our past 
and what it is today. I wanted to show you the similarities to illustrate that history does repeat itself until 

we decide to break cycle, and also that it has always been the same if you go back and look at history. If 
you look at Egypt, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Greek mythology -- there are elements of truth in 

all of that.

In ancient days, you had the "gods". Mythology is littered with stories about "the gods", warring with 
each other, marrying the daughters of man, etc. All throughout ancient literature, there are stories like 

this. The gods would then allow their offspring, kings or pharaohs, to rule in their place as they went 
flitting around the galaxy.

The kings really didn't want to have much to do with the "common people", so they had their 

"priesthood's" to control information, the masses and accumulate wealth. The military kept the masses 
in order. Whatever the dictates were, the military made sure it happened. It's the way it has always 

been, all through our ancient history.

If you read Sitchin's information and a book called The Greatest Story Never Told by Lana Cantrell - I 
understand it's out of print - The Gods of Eden by William Bramley - all this stuff is well documented.

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