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This awakening of woman constitutes the first rays of the dawn--that long-looked for Millenium, which many 

of us have regarded as a mere figure of speech, instead of as a literal truth.

The argument is not that there has been no individual awakening until the present time; but that never before 

in the finite history of the world has there been such a general awakening, and as it is self evident that 

conditions will reflect the idea of the majority, the fact that woman is being given her rightful place in the 
sense-conscious life, proves that the earth will be a fit dwelling place for a higher order of beings than have 

hitherto constituted the majority.

The numerous instances of Illumination, or cosmic consciousness which are forcing attention at the present 

time, prove that there is a _race-awakening_ to a realization of our unity with Om.

Another point which we trust these pages will make clear is this: So-called "revelation" is neither a personal 

"discovery," nor any special act of a divine power. "God spake thus and so to me," is a phrase which the 

self-conscious initiate employs, because he has lost sight of the cosmic light, or because he finds it expedient 
to use that phraseology in delivering the message of cosmic consciousness.

If we will substitute the term "initiation," for the term "revelation," we will have a clearer idea of the truth.

Perhaps some of our readers will feel that the terms mean the same, but for the most part, those who have 

employed the word "revelation," have used it as implying that the plan of the cosmos was unfinished, and that 
the Creator, having found some person suitable to convey the latest decision to mankind, natural laws had 

been suspended and the revelation made.

It is to correct this view, that we emphasize the distinction between the two words.

The cosmos is complete. "As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall be, worlds without end."

A circle is without beginning or end. We, in our individual consciousness may traverse this circle, but our 

failure to realize its completeness does not change the fact that it is finished.

We can not add to the universal consciousness; nor take away therefrom.

But we can extend our own area of consciousness from the narrow limits of the personal self, into the heights 

and depths of the atman and who shall set limitations to the power of the atman, the higher Self, when it has 

attained at-one-ment with Om?

It is not the purpose of this book to trace the spiritual ascent of man further than to point out the wide gulf 

between the degrees of consciousness manifested in the lower animals and that of human consciousness; again 
tracing in the human, the ever-widening area of his cognition of the personal self, and its needs, to the 

awakening of the soul and its needs; which needs include the welfare of all living things as an absolute 

necessity to individual happiness.

Altruism, therefore, is not a virtue. It is a means of self-preservation--without this degree of initiation into the 

boundless area of universal, or cosmic consciousness, we may not escape the karmic law.

The revelations, therefore, upon which are founded the numerous religious systems, are comparable with the 

many and various degrees of initiation into THAT WHICH IS.

They represent the degree which the initiate has taken in the lodge.

It may be argued that this fact of individual initiation into the ever-present truth of Being, as into a lodge,

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