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Admitting then, that the goal of every soul is the same--immortality--(the mortal consciousness cognizing 

itself as Om), we come to a consideration of the evidence we may find in support of this axiom. This evidence 

we do not find satisfactory, in spirit communication; in psychic experiences; in hypnotic phenomena; and 
astral trips; important, and reliable as these many psychic research phenomena are.

These are not satisfactory or convincing evidences of our at-one-ment with Om, because they do not preclude 
the probability of the "second death;" but on the contrary, they verify it.

However, aside from all these psychic phenomena, there is a phase of human experience, much more rare but 
becoming somewhat general, that transcends phenomena of every kind.

The western world has given to these experiences the term "cosmic consciousness," which term is self 

The Orientals have long known of this goal of the soul, and they have terms to express this, varying with the 
many types of the Oriental mind, but all meaning the same thing. This meaning, from our Occidental 

viewpoint, is best translated in the term liberation, signifying to be set free from the limitations of sense, and 

of self-consciousness, and to have glimpsed the larger area of consciousness, that takes in the very cosmos.

This experience is accompanied by a great light, whether this light is manifested as spiritual, or as intellectual 

power, determines its expression.

The object of this book is to call attention to some of the more pronounced instances of this Illumination, and 

to classify them, according as they have been expressed through religions enthusiasm; poetical fervor; or great 
intellectual power.

But we have also one other argument to make, and this we present with a conviction of its truth, while 
conceding that it must remain a theory, until proven, each individual, man or woman, for himself and herself. 

The postulate is this: immortality (i.e. godhood) is bi-sexual. No male person can by any possibility become 

an immortal god, in, of and by himself; no female person can be complete without the "other half" that makes 
the ONE.

Each and every SOUL, therefore, has its spiritual counterpart--its "other half," with which it unites on the 
spiritual plane, when the time comes for attainment of immortality.

Sex is an eternal verity. The entire Cosmos is bi-sexual. Everything in the visible universe; in the manifest, is 
the result of this universal principle. "As above so below," is a safe rule, as far as the IDEA goes. This 

hypothesis does not preclude perfection above, of that which we find below, but any radical reversion or 

repudiation of nature is inconceivable.

"Male and female created he them." This being true, male and female must they return to the source from 

which they sprung, completing the circle, and gaining what?

_Consciousness of godhood; of completeness in counterpartal union. Not absorption_ of consciousness, but 

union, which is quite a different idea.

Out of this counterpartal union a race of gods will be born, and these supermen, shall "inherit the earth" 

making it a "fit dwelling place for the gods."

This earth is now being made fit. This fact may seem a far distant hope if we do not judge with the eyes of the 

seer, but its proof lies in the emancipation of woman. Its evidences are many and varied, but the awakening of 
woman is the cause.

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