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Of those who have had glimpses of that larger area of consciousness which includes an awareness of eternal 
unity with the cosmos, there are, we believe, many more than students of the subject have any idea of.

This century marks a distinct epoch in what is called evolution.

The end of a kalpa, or cycle of manifestation, is symbolized by the presence on a planet of many avatars, 

masters, and angels.

By their very presence these enlightened ones arouse in all who are ready for the experience a glimpse of that 

state of being to which all souls are destined, and to which all shall ultimately attain.

A time when "gods shall walk the earth" is a prophecy which all nations have heard and looked forward to.

That time is now. We see the effect of their presence in Peace Conferences; in abolition of child labor; in 

prison reform; in the amalgamation of the races; in attempts at social equality; in National Eugenic Societies, 

and above all, as we have before stated, in the Emancipation of Woman. In fact, it is seen in all the various 
ways in which the higher consciousness finds expression.

One of the characteristic signs of this awakening, the Millenium Dawn, as it has been named, lies in a very 
general optimism shining through the mists of doubt and unrest and inexpressible desire, which accompany 

the new birth in consciousness.

Amid the seeming chaos of present day conditions is it not easy to discern the coming of that dawn of which 

all great ones of earth have foretold--a time when "the earth shall be made a fit habitation for the gods"?

"The heavens" is a term employed to specify the Constellation which is composed of planets and stars, but we 

use the term "Heaven" also to mean a state of happiness and bliss attainable through certain methods, a 

consideration of which we will take up later.

The immediate point is that this planet is being prepared for a position in the solar system consistent with that 

which is the abode of the gods--Heaven.

This proposition is made in its literal meaning. Corroborative of this statement, which is consistent with all 

prophecies, is the information recently given to the world, by Camille Flammarion, and other great 
astronomers, that "the earth is changing its position in the heavens at an astonishing rate." The idea that "there 

shall be no night there," is foreshadowed by the estimate that this change will give to the earth a perpetual and 

uniform light, and heat.

The New Thought preachment of physical immortality is but a faint and imperfect perception of this time, 

when "there shall be no death," because the animal man, subject to change, shall give place to the changeless, 
deathless, spiritual man; not through cataclysms, and destruction, but through the natural birth into a higher 


The Occidental mind is easily affrighted by a name. Perhaps we should not specify the Occidental mind, but 

rather the mind of man among all races is easily put to sleep by the hypnotism of a word.

The word Pantheism is a bugaboo to the Occidentalist. He fears the destruction of the Monistic faith, if he 

admits that man is in essence a god, and that therefore there are many gods in the one God, even as there are 

many members to the one physical organism.

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