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offers no proof that this earth is to ultimately become a heaven. It may be that this planet is the outer-most 

lodge room and that there will never be a sufficient number of initiates to make the earth a fit dwelling place 

for a higher order of beings than now inhabit it. This may, indeed, be true. But all evidence tends toward the 
hope that even the planet itself will come under the regenerating power of Illumination.

All prophecies embody this promise; all that we know of what materialists call "evolution" and occultists 
might well name "uncovering of consciousness," points to a time when "God's will," "shall be done on earth 

as it is in heaven."

All who have attained to cosmic consciousness in whatever degree, have prophecied a time, when this 

blessing would descend upon every one; but the difficulty in adequately explaining this great gift seems also 

to have been the burden of their cry.

Jesus sought repeatedly to describe to his hearers the wonders of the cosmic sense, but realized that he was too 

far in advance of the cyclic end; but even as at that time, a number of disciples were capable of receiving the 
Illumination, so to-day, a larger number are capable of attainment. If this number is great enough to bring 

about the regeneration--the perfecting--of the earth conditions, then it must be accomplished.

We believe that it is. We make the claim that the Millenium _has dawned_; and although it may be many 

years before the light of the morning breaks into the full light of the day, yet the rays of the dawn are 

dispelling the world's long night.

In his powerful and prophetic story "In the Days of the Comet," H.G. Wells, tells of a great change that comes 

over the world following an atmospheric phenomenon in which a "green vapor" is generated in the clouds and 
falls upon the earth with instantaneous effect.

As this peculiar vapor descends, it has the effect of putting every one to sleep; this sleep continues for three 
days and when people finally awake, their interior nature has undergone a complete change.

Where before they "saw dimly," they now see clearly; the petty differences and quarrels are perceived in their 
true perspective. Instead of place, and power, and influence, and wealth, being all-important goals of ambition 

as before the change, every one now strives to be of service to the world. Love and kindness become greater 

factors than commercial expediency and business success.

In many respects, Wells' description of the great change and its effect upon people, corresponds with the 

effect of Illumination.

The sense of entering into the very heart of things; of growing plants; the birds and the little wood animals; 

the intense sympathy and understanding of life described by him, sounds like the effect of cosmic 
consciousness, as related by nearly all who have attained it.

How the world's activities are resumed after the change, and under what vastly different incentives people 
work, form a part of the story, which is written as fiction, but which contains the seed of a great truth.

This truth is expressed in science, as human achievement, and in religion as fulfilled prophecy, but the truth is 
the same.

Both religion and science point to a time when this earth will know freedom from strife and suffering. Even 
the elements which have hitherto been regarded as beyond the boundaries of man's will, may be completely 

controlled; not may be, but will be. Manual labor will cease. National Eugenic societies will put a stop to war, 

when they come to the inevitable conclusion, that no race can by any possibility be improved, while the most 
perfect physical species are reserved for armies.

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