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The Corpus Hermeticum

And Nature took the object of her love and wound herself completely around him, and they were 
intermingled, for they were lovers.

15. And this is why beyond all creatures on the earth man is twofold; mortal because of body, but because of 
the essential man immortal.

Though deathless and possessed of sway o'er all, yet doth he suffer as a mortal doth, subject to Fate.

Thus though above the Harmony, within the Harmony he hath become a slave. Though male−female, as from 

a Father male−female, and though he's sleepless from a sleepless [Sire], yet is he overcome [by sleep].

16. Thereon [I say: Teach on], O Mind of me, for I myself as well am amorous of the Word (Logos).

The Shepherd said: This is the mystery kept hid until this day.

Nature embraced by Man brought forth a wonder, oh so wonderful. For as he had the nature of the Concord 
of the Seven, who, as I said to thee, [were made] of Fire and Spirit − Nature delayed not, but immediately 

brought forth seven "men", in correspondence with the natures of the Seven, male−female and moving in the 


Thereon [I said]: O Shepherd, ..., for now I'm filled with great desire and long to hear; do not run off. 

The Shepherd said: Keep silence, for not as yet have I unrolled for thee the first discourse (logoi). 

Lo! I am still, I said.

17. In such wise than, as I have said, the generation of these seven came to pass. Earth was as woman, her 

Water filled with longing; ripeness she took from Fire, spirit from Aether. Nature thus brought forth frames to 
suit the form of Man.

And Man from Light and Life changed into soul and mind − from Life to soul, from Light to mind. 

And thus continued all the sense−world's parts until the period of their end and new beginnings. 

18. Now listen to the rest of the discourse (Logos) which thou dost long to hear.

The period being ended, the bond that bound them all was loosened by God's Will. For all the animals being 
male−female, at the same time with Man were loosed apart; some became partly male, some in like fashion 

[partly] female. And straightway God spake by His Holy Word (Logos):

"Increase ye in increasing, and multiply in multitude, ye creatures and creations all; and man that hath Mind 

in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless, and that the cause of death is love, though Love is 


19. When He said this, His Forethought did by means of Fate and Harmony effect their couplings and their 

generations founded. And so all things were multiplied according to their kind.

And he who thus hath learned to know himself, hath reached that Good which doth transcend abundance; but 

he who through a love that leads astray, expends his love upon his body − he stays in Darkness wandering, 
and suffering through his senses things of Death.

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