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The Corpus Hermeticum

For Thou art all, and there is nothing else which Thou art not. Thou art all that which doth exist, and Thou art 
what doth not exist − Mind when Thou thinkest, and Father when Thou makest, and God when Thou dost 

energize, and Good and Maker of all things.

For that the subtler part of matter is the air, of air the soul, of soul the mind, and of mind God.

VI. In God Alone Is Good And Elsewhere Nowhere

1. Good, O Asclepius, is in none else save in God alone; nay, rather, Good is God Himself eternally.

If it be so, [Good] must be essence, from every kind of motion and becoming free (though naught is free from 

It), possessed of stable energy around Itself, never too little, nor too much, an ever−full supply. [Though] 
one, yet [is It] source of all; for what supplieth all is Good. When I, moreover, say [supplieth] altogether [all], 

it is for ever Good. But this belongs to no one else save God alone.

For He stands not in need of any thing, so that desiring it He should be bad; nor can a single thing of things 

that are be lost to him, on losing which He should be pained; for pain is part of bad.

Nor is there aught superior to Him, that He should be subdued by it; nor any peer to Him to do Him wrong, or 

[so that] He should fall in love on its account; nor aught that gives no ear to Him, whereat He should grow 

angry; nor wiser aught, for Him to envy.

2. Now as all these are non−existent in His being, what is there left but Good alone?

For just as naught of bad is to be found in such transcendent Being, so too in no one of the rest will Good be 


For in them are all of the other things − both in the little and the great, both in each severally and in this 

living one that's greater than them all and the mightiest [of them].

For things subject to birth abound in passions, birth in itself being passible. But where there's passion, 

nowhere is there Good; and where is Good, nowhere a single passion. For where is day, nowhere is night; and 

where is night, day is nowhere.

Wherefore in genesis the Good can never be, but only be in the ingenerate.

But seeing that the sharing in all things hath been bestowed on matter, so doth it share in Good.

In this way is the Cosmos Good; that, in so far as it doth make all things, as far as making goes it's Good, but 
in all other things it is not Good. For it's both passible and subject unto motion, and maker of things passible.

3. Whereas in man by greater or less of bad is good determined. For what is not too bad down here, is good, 
and good down here is the least part of bad.

It cannot, therefore, be that good down here should be quite clean of bad, for down here good is fouled with 
bad; and being fouled, it stays no longer good, and staying not it changes into bad.

In God alone, is, therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

VI. In God Alone Is Good And Elsewhere Nowhere 17

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