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The Corpus Hermeticum

And as He thinketh all things manifest, He manifests through all things and in all, and most of all in 
whatsoever things He wills to manifest.

Do thou, then, Tat, my son, pray first unto our Lord and Father, the One−and−Only One, from whom the One 
doth come, to show His mercy unto thee, in order that thou mayest have the power to catch a thought of this 

so mighty God, one single beam of Him to shine into thy thinking. For thought alone "sees" the Unmanifest, 

in that it is itself unmanifest.

If, then, thou hast the power, He will, Tat, manifest to thy mind's eyes. The Lord begrudgeth not Himself to 

anything, but manifests Himself through the whole world.

Thou hast the power of taking thought, of seeing it and grasping it in thy own "hands", and gazing face to 

face upon God's Image. But if what is within thee even is unmanifest to thee, how, then, shall He Himself 
who is within thy self be manifest for thee by means of [outer] eyes?

3. But if thou wouldst "see" him, bethink thee of the sun, bethink thee of moon's course, bethink thee of the 
order of the stars. Who is the One who watcheth o'er that order? For every order hath its boundaries marked 

out by place and number.

The sun's the greatest god of gods in heaven; to whom all of the heavenly gods give place as unto king and 

master. And he, this so−great one, he greater than the earth and sea, endures to have above him circling 

smaller stars than him. Out of respect to Whom, or out of fear of Whom, my son, [doth he do this]?

Nor like nor equal is the course each of these stars describes in heaven. Who [then] is He who marketh out 

the manner of their course and its extent?

4. The Bear up there that turneth round itself, and carries round the whole cosmos with it − Who is the owner 

of this instrument? Who He who hath set round the sea its bounds? Who He who hath set on its seat the 

For, Tat, there is someone who is the Maker and the Lord of all these things. It cound not be that number, 
place and measure could be kept without someone to make them. No order whatsoever could be made by that 

which lacketh place and lacketh measure; nay, even this is not without a lord, my son. For if the orderless 

lacks something, in that it is not lord of order's path, it also is beneath a lord − the one who hath not yet 
ordained it order.

5. Would that it were possible for thee to get thee wings, and soar into the air, and, poised midway 'tween 
earth and heaven, behold the earth's solidity, the sea's fluidity (the flowings of its streams), the spaciousness 

of air, fire's swiftness, [and] the coursing of the stars, the swiftness of heaven's circuit round them [all]!

Most blessed sight were it, my son, to see all these beneath one sway − the motionless in motion, and the 

unmanifest made manifest; whereby is made this order of the cosmos and the cosmos which we see of order.

6. If thou would'st see Him too through things that suffer death, both on the earth and in the deep, think of a 

man's being fashioned in the womb, my son, and strictly scrutinize the art of Him who fashions him, and 

learn who fashioneth this fair and godly image of the Man.

Who [then] is He who traceth out the circles of the eyes; who He who boreth out the nostrils and the ears;

who He who openeth [the portal of] the mouth; who He who doth stretch out and tie the nerves; who He who 
channels out the veins; who He who hardeneth the bones; who He who covereth the flesh with skin; who He 

who separates the fingers and the joints; who He who widens out a treading for the feet; who He who diggeth

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