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The Corpus Hermeticum

Good can never be distinguished from Him, for that God is the same as Good.

The rest of the immortal ones are nonetheless honored with the name of God, and spoken of as gods; but God 

is Good not out of courtesy but out of nature. For that God's nature and the Good is one; one os the kind of 
both, from which all other kinds [proceed].

The Good is he who gives all things and naught receives. God, then, doth give all things and receive naught. 
God, then, is Good, and Good is God.

17. The other name of God is Father, again because He is the that−which−maketh−all. The part of father is to 

Wherefore child−making is a very great and a most pious thing in life for them who think aright, and to leave 
life on earth without a child a very great misfortune and impiety; and he who hath no child is punished by the 

daimones after death.

And this is the punishment: that that man's soul who hath no child, shall be condemned unto a body with 

neither man's nor woman's nature, a thing accursed beneath the sun.

Wherefore, Asclepius, let not your sympathies be with the man who hath no child, but rather pity his mishap, 

knowing what punishment abides for him.

Let all that has been said then, be to thee, Asclepius, an introduction to the gnosis of the nature of all things.

III. The Sacred Sermon

1. The Glory of all things is God, Godhead and Godly Nature. Source of the things that are is God, who is 
both Mind and Nature − yea Matter, the Wisdom that reveals all things. Source [too] is Godhead − yea 

Nature, Energy, Necessity, and End, and Making−new−again.

Darkness that knew no bounds was in Abyss, and Water [too] and subtle Breath intelligent; these were by 

Power of God in Chaos.

Then Holy Light arose; and there collected 'neath Dry Space from out Moist Essence Elements; and all the 

Gods do separate things out from fecund Nature.

2. All things being undefined and yet unwrought, the light things were assigned unto the height, the heavy 

ones had their foundations laid down underneath the moist part of Dry Space, the universal things being 

bounded off by Fire and hanged in Breath to keep them up.

And Heaven was seen in seven circles; its Gods were visible in forms of stars with all their signs; while 

Nature had her members made articulate together with the Gods in her. And [Heaven's] periphery revolved in 
cyclic course, borne on by Breath of God.

3. And every God by his own proper power brought forth what was appointed him. Thus there arose 
four−footed beasts, and creeping things, and those that in the water dwell, and things with wings, and 

everything that beareth seed, and grass, and shoot of every flower, all having in themselves seed of 


III. The Sacred Sermon 11

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