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262-18, Norfolk Study Group #1, 5/1/32

(Q) [288]: Just what should I understand and gain from my experience Wed. afternoon, 

April 20, 1932 [during reading 1800-18] of seeing a prophet, Christ on the cross, and the 

all-seeing eye?
(A) This as the vision to self, as was given to the prophets of old, that thy prayer and 

supplication have been heard [“If I could only understand!” See 288-30, Par. 10-A], and 

that there is the way as of the cross being opened for the greater activity through the all- 

seeing eye; for, as each figure seen represents a portion in the experience of self, so make 
thine self more and more the channel for blessings to others.

262-64, Norfolk Study Group #1, 6/3/34

(Q) [585]: I saw the Christ again - early in the morning of May 24th. This time it was a 
radiant Christ and the morning seemed to be breaking just above His head. What does 

this mean?

(A) What indeed should it mean to each soul, to any soul, to thy soul, that thou hast been 

through thine experience granted a privilege of such a vision! It should make thee the 
more humble, the more self-sacrificing, the more glorious in the praises that thou art even 

in the way of being shown MANY things - if ye will but live the life. What did He give 

as thy standard? “Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto 

me.” Then, see rather in that thou wouldst give in word of mouth, in deed, in act of body, 
that thou art ministering unto thy Lord. For of such He said, “I will come again to you, 

and comfort you - I will receive you unto myself - I WILL abide with you.” Art thou 

living in such an atmosphere? It is being opened before thee. Turn it not aside.

262-69, Norfolk Study Group #1, 8/12/34

(Q) [585]: Please explain the vision I saw early Friday morning, July 20th, when I saw 

the sky open and the figures treading earthward, bowing as if before a king.

(A) A vision whereunto there will be again opened to thee thine own interpretation 

through the experiences that thou wilt have in thine own self. For as the heavens, to the 
heart, the mind of man, declare the glory of the Infinite, and as the heart of man has been 

trained in and throughout the ages to look UP and OUT to those sources for the aid, for 

the strength, for the power, and for the unseen forces that may move in and through the 

hearts and minds and bodies of individuals, so - as the heavens open before thee, through 
thine own meditation and thine seeking - it is as that thine prayers have been heard, thine 

supplications have come before the Throne. Be not weary in thy turmoil or thy strife, for 

He has heard and will answer speedily.

Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation 


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