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262-55, Norfolk Study Group #1, 10/1/33

(Q) [413]: Please give me the significance of the dream I had the night of Sept. 26th at 

which time I saw the Master.
(A) As there has been in self that seeking more and more for the material confirmation of 

the thought, the intent and the purpose of self's activities, so in that given, that seen, is a 

confirmation of that purpose, that thought, that activity.

Hence, rather than bring fears on the part of self, or anxiety as respecting those visioned 

in same, rather know that self is being led by Him who IS the Guide, the Giver, the 

Promise to all mankind.

5749-4, Norfolk Study Group #1’s reading on Jesus, 8/6/33

(Q) [585]: Was the vision I saw early one morning several months ago a vision of the 


(A) A passing shadow, yes. Pray rather to the Son, the Father through the Son, that He 

walks with thee - and He WILL walk and talk with thee. Be NOT satisfied with ANY 
other. He may oft give His angels charge concerning thee, yet know the Master's touch, 

the Master's voice; for He may walk and talk with thee. HE is the Way; there is no other. 

He in body suffered; for himself, yea - for thee also. Wilt thou turn, then, to any other?

262-55, Norfolk Study Group #1, 10/1/33

(Q) [585]: Was it the Master's touch, the Master's voice, which I felt and heard one 
afternoon two winters ago?

(A) As has been given.

262-41, Norfolk Study Group, 3/19/33

(Q) [560]: Seeing an arm, was told to touch it. And after touching it, it seemed to become 

an arm of flesh. Is my interpretation correct? If not, please give the interpretation.
(A) As we have given respecting visions or experiences of individuals, they in themselves 

may be the better interpreters of their experiences; provided, to be sure, there is the 

attempt, the desire in each to know, and the willingness to be guided or directed by those 


As interpreted by self, in the greater portion do we find this correct; that variation being 

as to the relationships to particular individuals, for this is rather more universal.

Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation 


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