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Is it not worthwhile, then, CLEANSING the body, in thought, in all manners as 
NECESSARY, to raise the flesh vibrations to such an extent that there may be no harm to 

same in the experiences that may be had by all during the periods of preparation on such 

a lesson?

Has not there been the promise that through thee, in part, may come one that may be a 

blessing to many, that MANY may speak with those higher forces, higher sources, as 

face to face? Is it not well, then, that the body be cleansed, be purified, be renewed, that 

there may be that power, that vigor necessary, that there may come that IN power, in 
might, as RESPECTING that influence as comes in the life with the union of the 

expressions that may bring same to pass?

Then, how may this be accomplished? Thou knowest that as is well with thine soul. Thou 
knowest that as is well to be accomplished in the body, in the flesh, that there may be the 

power, the might, the glory that may come to others.

Be faithful, as given, to the trust which has been given into thine hands; for the glory that 

comes with faithfulness is as but short to the CROWNS of glory that will be with HIS 

presence in this - even this - material world!

262-101, Study Group Work Committee for the Association, 10/4/36

(Q) Please interpret the dreams had by [540] of 2638 Harrell Ave., Norfolk, Va., on Aug. 
27 & 28th regarding the blessing that could come to Study Groups - directed to Esther 


(A) This is as a vision of that which might or could come, or is what may be called the 

etheric activity of the proposed work that may be made a mental and material expression 
in material relationships.

262-89, Norfolk Study Group #1, 9/29/35

(Q) [993]: Please interpret the experience that I have been passing through the last few 

weeks. Does it have any connection with the experience I had on Aug. 12, 1935, and my 

appearance when associated with Jesus Christ when he was the son of Mary? Or is it the 
Destiny of the Soul? Please give me a message of comfort at this time.

(A) When these experiences are viewed in the light that they each become, as it were, an 

opening of the way for the understanding as to the relationships of the soul with the 

Christ, then there should become rather the understanding that in Him is thy Destiny - if 
thy trust is put wholly in Him.

The ways indicated in the experience then, though from the purely material angle, or to 

the conscious mind or physical-conscious mind alone they appear unreasonable, in Him 
are made one with the purposes set in that He has given thee, “Ye abiding in me and I 

abiding in the Father, ask that in my name and it will be done unto thee.”

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