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281-4, “Glad Helpers” Prayer Group, 3/10/32

(Q) In a vision I saw a loaf of whole wheat bread. One end was cut off so that the cells in 

the bread were very prominent. A great light shone from within the bread, illuminating 

every cell and reflecting a very large aura, which entirely surrounded the bread. Please 

(A) This emblematical, as understood; stands for the essence of life itself in its cell force, 

showing forth in its activity that of the radiant life of Him who gave, “I AM the bread of 

life; he that eateth me shall NOT hunger,” and, as is visioned, that each makes for its own 
radiation that combined in one gives that full illumined life that BRINGS understanding, 

and retains and builds, and gives - TRULY - the life everlasting. See?

262-56, Norfolk Study Group #1, 10/15/33

(Q) [585]: Please explain what was meant by a passing shadow of the Christ, as given in 
one of our readings in answer to a question on one of my experiences.

(A) This has been explained. Then, let's interpret it from another angle. As one is passing 

there may be a flash of a shadow from a plane, a cloud, a bird, or that which makes one 

more aware of the light; though one may itself be wholly in the light. Hence, as given, the 
thought, the intent of the mental mind of self at the experience was made aware of the 

Master's passing by the shadow - as explained, see? One becomes aware by comparison 

in the material plane. One may be in the brightness of the noonday sun and scarce aware 

that this is true, save by that which makes the awareness of same in the material-mental 

262-40, Norfolk Study Group #1, 3/5/33

(Q) Please explain how I may spend self in the love for His ways.

(A) By that even as visioned. Let the light that shines without be lighted by that light 

which is created from within, making the activities of the inner self and the outer self in 
accord; or let that seen of others be impelled by the light from the love of the Giver of 

life, light, immortality.

262-39, Norfolk Study Group #1, 2/21/33

(Q) Please explain vision experienced during reading [262-38] suggesting how this may 

be accomplished.
(A) As there is evidence of that being awakened in many of the group of the presence of 

the Creative Forces in the activities of many in the group, would it not be worth the while 

then to prepare self in such a manner that the Master - as He spoke WITH thee - might, 

through thee, speak the lesson of Love that He so well represented and presented in His 
experience as the man of Galilee? (continued on the next page)

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