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(Q) Please tell me who is doing the talking?
(A) Who would the body have? Who would the inner forces entertain?

For, “Seek and ye shall find” is spoken of the soul, spoken of those that would be the 

guides, the influences in the experiences, and is bound close with that which is being the 
study in the present, THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE. Do not accredit it to lower forces 

than His emissaries.

281-27, “Glad Helpers” Prayer Group, 6/11/36

(Q) [540]: Please interpret the experience I had on Friday night, May 29th, in which I saw 

colors and heard a voice speak within me.
(A) Much might be given as to colors, as to voice, as to the experience that came to thee. 

As has been given, these experiences come as warnings, as strength, as might, as power, 

that ye may be comforted in those experiences that at times would overwhelm thee and 
make thee doubt even thine own self. Know, then, that the lights, the voice, are as the 

power of the Christ in thine life, ATTUNING thee that thou may be a greater help, a 

greater blessing to others; at the same time encouraging thee, lifting thee up to a more 

perfect knowledge of the glories of the Lord as He worketh in and through thee.

The lights are as the spirit of TRUTH; the voice as the oneness with Him, that must be 

maintained if thy strength would maintain thee.

585-9, Female, 12/17/41

(Q) Please explain the significance of the flame colored light that [308] and I saw last 
Wednesday as we were watching the sky.

(A) In the experience of those who have put their trust in Him, there has ever been those 

significant indications of an answer that he is mindful. Then, as was indicated, let it be an 

assurance that He knows, He understands, He hears, He IS aware.

281-22, “Glad Helpers” Prayer Group, 11/1/34

(Q) [540]: On Sept. 13th, after reading a letter that I had received from an individual on 

the prayer list, in thinking about this person, I saw many lights flashing around my head. 

Please tell me the meaning of this.

(A) As to each individual there are those symbols that present to the consciousness the 
activities of the spiritual influences in the material and individual life, so are those 

experiences in THY OWN self. Not as to what others have set that this or that means, or 

imports, but as the light is to thee that strength, that sureness of purpose that comes in 

knowing that through the light HIS presence abides with thee, so was it shown thee 
through the spirit of truth that thou CAN be - and ARE - a help to others - IN His name!

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