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Miscellaneous Psychic Experiences

262-96, Norfolk Study Group #1, 5/24/36

As has been intimated in the outline, there will come the experiences to each (who seeks, 
in truth), during the study as in the preparation of the lesson, unusual experiences; to each 

according to your own attunement. To each has been given, ponder these well within 

thine own heart before giving expression even of same to others. Meet with thy Master as 

respecting same. He has promised to guide, to guard, to direct thee in thine uprisings, in 
thine downsittings. For to each many experiences will come.

262-40, Norfolk Study Group #1, 3/5/33

(Q) [585]: On March 2nd, whose voice did I hear speak to me, and what was the 


(A) As is felt within self that there is a manifestation of a force, a power from without, 
this then is builded into that as the self through its experience gives such an influence and 

power concerning the consciousness of self. To be sure, this was a manifestation - but 

rather than being specific, rather than being an entity activity from without, it is rather the 
awakening within of the abilities to so associate and so connect and communicate with 

those influences from without. Then, as given of old, if there will be held and magnified 

within the consciousness of self that that desired, that voice, that presence that would aid 

in bringing the various consciousnesses to self, must be from the universal influences, or 
from His messenger, then may this be magnified in self and for self. Be mindful that it is 

not clothed in some other power.

262-40, Norfolk Study Group #1, 3/5/33

(Q) [69]: Please tell me to whom was I talking the morning of Feb. 3rd and just why am I 

getting this experience.
(A) As given, be not afraid when it is said, “It is I.” Rather, then, the experiences that are 

necessary for making aware within the consciousness of self how the inner self may be 

controlled by those powers, those influences, that an entity, an individual, entertains. Be 

not unmindful that ye entertain strangers that come to thee in thine consciousness, that 
reaches to the inner self and to the cosmic spheres; for angels are often entertained. Then, 

clothe and feed them only upon the words and the activities of the spirit of truth, and 

through same may come those experiences that have been long sought; for the time is 

near at hand. [262-41, Par. 8-A]

(Q) Is this information that I have been receiving the past four nights coming from some 

source other than my subconscious?

(A) To be sure, and these are worth entertaining.
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