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of not only classifying but aiding in establishing in the activities of individuals the 
VARIED classified physical or material activities. As in those that pertain to the 

influences of a destructive force bringing about in the experience of individuals that 

making for the destruction of those of the Atlantean period or age.

Then with the correlating of those truths as indicated through the activities of Ra-Ta, 

Saneid, Og, there began - with the activities of the entity as to the teachings then, in those 

experiences - the applications in the experiences of individuals; though, to be sure, under 

quite a different environment from that in which the entity may find self in its activities in 
the present.

Yet the very activity brings in the present that SEEKING THROUGH self OF the 

expressions that WERE builded in the SOUL of the entity during those experiences.

True, in the next period (that finds expressions in an activity of the entity), these were 

turned into those periods of self-indulgence. For they, as indicated, were basically upon 
PHENOMENA rather than the TRUTH that PRESENTED - or presents or gives - the 

channel FOR the ACTIVITY of same. Yet in the seeking for that being manifested in the 

healing of the physical forces of individuals, there was brought into the experience of the 

entity a change in the attitude and in the application of self respecting those forces or 
influences that ARE ACTIVATIVE in the experiences of individuals.

Then, in making application of that which is innate within the experience of the entity in 

the present:

That it, the activity in the present, again becomes associated with those influences that 

were a portion of the EXPERIENCE of this entity in those periods of manifestation 

should in its very nature make for not ONLY the NECESSITY of the verification of the 
principles, the purposes, the basis, the SOURCE, but the very influence that may guide or 

direct what may become manifested or may be given to others to aid in THEIR activity in 

THEMSELVES becoming expressive in such manifestations. This becomes apparent.

How, then, may this be done?

First, within self FIND that which answers to that something within self that is 

continually seeking for that which has been given in the expression, “a house not made 
with hands” but ETERNAL in the experience of those that seek to find the way to that 

source from which they as SOULS (not as individuals, or PERSONALITIES rather), that 

home, that abode.

When this has been determined within self, then proceed. And remember that law as has 

been given, “Thy spirit, thy soul, will bear witness WITH My Spirit, whether ye be the 

sons of God or not.” Or, “my spirit” (in this application thy spirit), beareth witness with 

that source, that influence that directs, that makes for the giving of expressions to 
individuals that applied within their own experience brings them closer to that which is 

the expression of those forces that are without law, but eternal in the law of love; that is:

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