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1135-1, Male 35, 3/23/36

(Q) What would be the best approach for me in studying the psychic work of Edgar 

(A) We have ONLY those in relationships to others. We wouldn't approach it from here.

(Q) What specifically would be indicated for my best work in the present?
(A) The relationships of individuals to individuals, and the relationships of individuals to 

the Creative Forces. Or, that which may be termed as the study of the SOULS of men.

1135-2, Male 35, 3/26/36 Entire Reading

GC: You will have before you the entity known as [1135] present in this room, his 

interest in psychical research and connection with Duke University of Durham, N.C., and 
the psychical research being conducted there under the direction of J. B. Rhine. You will 

also consider the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, as presented through the Ass'n for 

Research & Enlightenment, Inc. Taking into consideration the intent and purposes of the 

individuals concerned, you will advise us regarding the establishment of such 
relationships with Duke through [1135] as will be mutually beneficial in studying and 

understanding the laws governing psychic forces. You will answer the questions 


EC: Yes, we have the entity, those interests in research in psychic phenomena, [1135]; 

also the work contemplated and done by Duke University under the direction of J. B. 

Rhine, the work of Edgar Cayce, the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment.

In considering the VARIOUS phases of research, we find there are some conflicting 

influences in many directions; yet these should be coordinated in such a way and manner 

as to be helpful to those that would seek through the advancement or development of 
their own souls, their own ability for the manifesting of the spiritual laws in a material 


Then, to consider these from their varied angles, first - as we find:

As we have indicated, the development of the innate or soul forces of [1135] is such that 

there is the INNATE desire, the gradual growth of a seeking for that something which 

expresses or manifests itself in the varied phases of phenomena that have been classified 
under that called psychic research.

As to each phase of this being properly classified, few may be able as this entity to give 
their proper classifications. For in those developments through the activities in the 

material world, we find the entity is at a period that it finds itself in a position (continued)

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