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And to prevent the gaining in weight, make for combinations that are such that - though 
the body may find its fill and keep its strength - there will be the necessity for conforming 

to laws that prevent the combinations that tend to put on weight or avoirdupois.

Then, beware of THESE in combinations:

No fried foods at all. There should be at least one meal a day of only raw fresh 

vegetables, whether in the middle of the day or whether in the evening; preferably in the 

noonday time would this meal be taken.

Do not combine potatoes with rice or spaghetti or white bread, or if either or any one of 

these is taken DO NOT eat meat at that meal!

In keeping these, then, we will find that we will also aid in keeping a balance through 


However, as it is necessary to rinse the mouth, it is necessary to wash the hands, it may 

be found just as necessary to cleanse the colon. This should be done with enemas when 

necessary to keep a normal balance, and which prevents accumulations of forces or 

influences that would cause the excesses which the emotional or general forces of the 
body itself may not take care of. But let there be an elimination each day through the 

alimentary canal. This should be taken (such an evacuation or enema) at the temperature 

of the body, and be sure there are salines or salt in same; teaspoonful to a quart and a half 

of water, and occasionally a level teaspoonful of soda combined with same. These will 
NOT produce irritations; these will NOT cause disturbances or prevent the activity of the 

NATURAL influences or forces of elimination but tend to create through the usage of 

same the strong, HEALTHY activity of the walls of the alimentary canal - and to create a 

better, a more equalized or balanced movement even from the duodenum throughout the 
entire length of the alimentary canal.

Steam or vapor baths - combining witchhazel and the oil of pine, or oil of pine needles 

and witchhazel - will make for purifying, strengthening, cleansing of the body and skin. 
Such a bath would be taken once a week or, after a bit, once a month; with a thorough 

rubdown following same, with massage or masseuse activity over the whole of the body.

Thus we will find we will keep the body physically fit.

Keep the mental attitude, and let the prayer and supplication be in accord with - that thou 

would have done to thee, do thou to thy fellow man.

We are through for the present.

Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation 


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